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Funny / Sonic The Abridge Hog

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  • The noises Sonic makes while running are just flat-out ridiculous.

     Part 1 
  • The opening where Sonic lampshades the wreck on South Island
    Sonic: Still not sure which of these is more out of place, the Starship Enterprise or the... train. (Small caption by said train "How?")
  • Sonic and Sera's first words to each other and the president's next words.
    President: Sonic this is not time to be joking around! We all know you couldn't forget my daughter, your girlfriend!
    Sonic: (eyes go bloodshot and his irises rise up before they both shoot to the left horizontally) WHA-
  • After the plane crash, Tails thinks he's a little worse for wear than he actually is.
    Tails: (panicked) SONIC! I CAN'T SEE MY PENIS!
    Sonic: Still there buddy, it's just invisible.
    Tails: Oh yeah, I forgot. (Beat) Why is it invisi-
    Sonic: WE'RE LEAVING!
  • The entire introduction to Metal Robotnik.
    Tails: What is that thing?!
    Sonic: Uh, let's see, erm, giant robotic version of our arch enemy, what do you think it is, Tails?
    Tails: Uhhh... Robo-Santa?
    Sonic: METAL ROBOTNIK, TAILS, IT'S METAL ROBO- you are Metal Robotnik, right?
    Metal Robotnik: Yes, I am Metal Robotnik.
  • The Butt Cannon. Seriously.
    Tails: Was he talking about a cannon that shoots butts or a cannon that comes out of his-
    Sonic: Don't you say another word, Tails.

     Part 2 

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