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YMMV / Sonic The Abridgehog

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  • Awesome Music: "What I'm Made Of" and "His World- Solaris Phase 2" were used during Sonic and Metal's final fight.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Sonic delivers a variation on the classic line from the original OVA:
    Sonic: You can't beat me, Metal. You're supposed to be a perfect copy of me, so that must mean you think and act just like me! I'll know everything you do before you do it, because it's exactly what I would do! STRANGE, isn't it?!
    Metal: Why did you say it like that?
    • A bunch of other Sonic memes show up as dialogue. "Gotta go fast!" "Get a load of this!" "Way past cool!" "That's NO good!"
    • The iris open at the beginning is the silhouette of this.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Sara is criticized throughout the film for being a human-cat hybrid that the president claims is Sonic's girlfriend.
  • Squick: Any mention of Sara's half-cat heritage or drawing attention to the fact that Robotnik wants to marry her and have her carry his children.
    • The DeviantArt images Tails uploads into Metal. As he himself puts it, once you take the slightest glimpse at one of them, your very perception of reality will be obliterated. He's not wrong.
    Sonic: Did you include the one of me and Shadow fused into a toilet?
    Tails: (thumbs up)
    Sonic: I'm so proud of you.
  • Tear Jerker: The scene of Sonic trying to save Metal, and Metal refusing, is played completely straight (except the "potty man" part).
    Sonic: Metal! Take my hand, Metal!
    Knuckles: (grabs Sonic) Are you out of your mind?! That thing's a goddamn killing machine! Why are you trying to save him?!
    Sonic: He saved the President, Knuckles! There might be some good in him somewhere! There might be a chance for us to—
    Metal: (smacks Sonic's hand away)
    Sonic: Huh?
    Metal: Death... is my only salvation... potty man... look on the bright side... now we know... who the true Sonic—(cuts off as he sinks into the magma)


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