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  • Generally, any time Fox makes fun of his own disability.
  • According to the opening chapter, Vacuo has such a bad reputation that gift shops sell T-shirts that actually say VACUO: THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME and A TERRIBLE PLACE TO VISIT BUT YOU WOULDN'T WANT TO LIVE THERE. Also, the sand keeps getting into Velvet's mouth, even when she tries covering it with a pithy t-shirt.
    • The fact that Vacuans simply refer to the ever-present sand in their food as "Vacuan Spice" and say that if you cannot take it, you probably do not belong in Vacuo.
  • When Velvet and Yatsuhashi get partnered, he swears to not ever mistreat her because she is a Faunus, or for any other reason, and gives her full permission to punch him whenever he's being insensitive. She then admits she's got a pack of Boarbatusks on her tail. Yatsuhashi cannot help but check whether she has a tail, leading to an awkward moment, and remarks he's probably earned his first punch.
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  • When Coco and Fox are partnered up, his reaction is...Less than how he is usually reserved when she finds out about his blindness.
    Coco: Hello? Oh. You're blind.
  • Coco and Fox find the Deathstalker cave Jaune and Pyrrha will blunder into a year later, notice the images of stick figures fighting a scorpion, think "Who Would Be Stupid Enough?" and leave.
  • A flashback reveals that in addition to annoying Weiss with her antics throughout the entire initiation day and getting appointed as the team leader, Ruby also spilled her red fruit punch onto her white dress during the after-party. In a Call-Forward mixed with a bit of Black Comedy, the narration also describes Weiss looking as if she had a mortal wound in her side.
  • In Chapter 8, Teams RWBY and CFVY planning of the Beacon Dance has several moments.
    • Ruby has an awesome idea to turn the dance into a battle club, where they will be able to play music while they actually fight. Because, you know, the best fight scenes on TV have awesome rock songs playing that reflect the themes of the episode and the hidden yearnings of the characters. She gets shot down immediately.
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    • The little conversation Ruby and Fox have while the others argue about the party. Fox is, as usual, cracking jokes, then muses that any team has to have a comic relief member, and Ruby then frantically tries to deny that she's her team's one. When she argues that team leaders cannot be comic reliefs, he disproves her with only one word: "Jaune", making her do a Head Desk and admit she is a comic relief.
    • Blake spends the entirety of the meeting hiding behind a large book titled Hidden Remnant. Failing to get any response from her, Weiss sneaks up on her and yanks the book up, only to reveal another book, My Sweet Samurai, behind it, and Blake fallen asleep behind that. Yatsuhashi remarks she probably needed a catnap and is promptly punched in the arm by Velvet.
  • In the epilogue, Fox distracts Yatsuhashi from meditating by showing off his sandcastle (in the shape of Beacon Tower) he built together with Team SSSN. Yatsuhashi jumps up to teach him a lesson and immediately falls back down, followed by Fox's comment that he meditated his legs asleep again. Then Coco, pretending to be "Grimmzilla", rises from behind the castle, roars and swats it down, prompting a dramatically worried question from Fox whether his castle is ok, and Sun and Neptune's equally unconvincing attempts to convince him it's fine.


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