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Funny / My Little Denarians

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  • Pinky Pie breaking out of possession through the power of chocolate.
  • Pinky meeting Lash.
  • Plan C: Covering Rainbow Dash in chocolate and tempting Pinkie Pie to eat it off her. Hurray for Chekhov's Gun.
  • Harry jumping up and down like a schoolgirl after realizing he's in the Star Wars universe and he now has a motherfucking LIGHTSABER!
    • Followed by is increasingly ludicrous ideas on how he could field a team of lightsaber wielding ponies.
  • "Unicorns are hax."
  • Harry's names for the possessed ponies: Psycho Pie, Demonshy, Deviljack, Fiendity, Derpiel...
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  • The entire first half of chapter 13.
  • Cheerilee wrecks Shining Armor's shit for taking Diamond Tiara hostage.
  • Harry in all of his smartass-ery glory.
    Harry: (after Derpiel has ripped through a tree with her Razor Floss hair) Looks like you’ve found your true calling in life. Give up the whole demon thing and take up lumberjacking – I’ve heard it’s a pretty lucrative career. Plus, you get to dress up in women’s clothing and hang around in bars.
  • Harry referring to the Rainbow of Light as "the power of friendship and skittles."
  • Upon seeing that his freeing Celestia from Discord's brainwashing also depowered her and turned her into a younger version of herself, at least temporarily.
    Harry: "I think I broke the princess."
  • Chapter 22: Sanya shows up in Canada to help Harry, Lash and the Mane Six to retake the animation studio and stop Discord and Nicodemus. Hilarity Ensues.
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  • Nickodemus getting stuck during his escape because his car's engine block was mysteriously replaced with a hamster ball.
  • Three things from the sequel.
    • 1. Harry's first plan to retrieve the crown is to try and break the gender barrier on the Princess of the Fall Formal competition. Michael is not amused
    • 2. Harry is now a hormonal teenager. In his teenage years, Mr. Dresden had a thing for brash, smart-assed tomboys. Result: Harry thinks that Human Rainbow Dash is hot. It comes to a head when he has to distract her from some awkward questions about Equestria and does so by kissing her. She then kicks him in the balls and calls him a perv.
    • 3. Harry's response to Sunset's ultimatum? Pull out his gun.
    Harry: "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I break your concentration?"

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