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Heartwarming / My Little Denarians

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  • Chapter 19 has several, which are also quite awesome. First, Harry rallies all the ponies in Canterlot against Evil Celestia with the aid of just a few allies (including Trixie). Second, Rainbow Dash turns out to be alive, shattering Pinkie's Heroic BSoD. Third and final, Harry wields the friendship and faith of every pony present to make his own Rainbow of Light and save Celestia from Discord's brainwashing!
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  • Chapter 22: Harry confides in Fluttershy his guilt over not being able to save Susan or be there for his daughter (leaving out the gorier details). Then he asks her and the Mane Six to pay his daughter a visit sometime, which she happily agrees to do.
  • The epilogue where Harry gets to watch My Little Pony with his daughter.

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