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  • In Episode 5, Flit riding what amounts to an AGE universe Segway.
  • Woolf's introduction episode. The man starts off by flinging away a towel and admiring himself in the mirror, struts into the mess hall, and proceeds to purposely annoy the hell out of everyone inside.
  • Woolf showing off his Grand Prix driving skills to Emily, Flit, and Dique when they go to visit Madorna's workshop. They are not happy about being his passengers.
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  • Much to Emily's and Yunoa's shock, Vargas still asks for seconds (and by seconds he means fourths) despite being 80 years old during dinner in Episode 16.
  • One of the photos in Episode 18 shows Romary in her swimwear. The note written on the photo (in Surprisingly Good English)? Hey! Don't Stare!!
  • In Episode 20, in order to get Asemu to buck up out of his downer demeanor, Arisa floats around behind him and heartily slaps him on his ass. Apparently, it's a Gunhale thing.
  • Episode 25, Obright proposes to Remi out of freaking nowhere. Predictably, she doesn't know what to do and runs off in embarrassment. Then the rest of the techs shake their heads at Obright.
    • She accepts!
    • The episode where they meet counts as this along with a Heartwarming Moment. When Remi starts talking, Obright rapidly transforms from The Stoic into...this.
  • In Episode 29, at the beginning of the Third Generation, Flit explains to Kio that he can pilot the Gundam because the MS Simulators he gave to him as a child were actually based off of the Gundam's OS. Cue an image of a giddy little Kio running to Flit who is lugging a ''very'' large present to his grandson
  • In Episode 36, Flit and Asemu are butting heads over a video call about how to rescue Kio. At one point, they hold a staring contest, complete with eye twitching, while the camera is switching back and forth between them for about 10 seconds.
    • Rody's reunion with his mother, or rather the fact that he's afraid to even see her.
  • In Episode 40, a certain pirate's embarrassed look when he has a quick reunion with his family.
  • In Episode 46, Godom is in the hangar chewing out the Vagan mechanics for not having his mobile suit ready for battle. He then turns around, sees another MS, immediately cools off, and asks if he can pilot that instead. Cut to the Guldorin, a Zakrello Expy that looks even more ridiculous, amounting to a giant yellow ball with arms and a drill.
  • In the Memory of Eden OVA Asem's school puts on a performance of Peter Pan. Which character is Asem playing? Captain Hook.
    • And who is Zeheart? Peter Pan.

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