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  • Linkara and Iron Liz mocking trading cards of Justin Bieber and wrestlers.
  • In another YSACG video, Linkara becomes so frustrated with his cards that he starts quoting Tommy Wiseau, which results in him saying "Oh hai Liz. How's your sex life?". What makes this especially funny is how Liz chuckles a little at this at first... and then bursts out laughing when she realizes the implications.
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  • Pretty much any time she finds a pun in something. Which she does. All the time.
  • The entirety of the "Mystery Date" YSACG episode, from Liz and Linkara dubbing all the player characters "Jackie Kennedy", to nicknaming the bowling guy "J. Edgar Hoover" (as well as all the FBI jokes that comes with), to the two occasionally going into stereotypically catty teenage girl banter, to pretty much every stab at 60's pop culture.
  • In her review of All Flesh Must Be Eaten, her attempting to think of a well known badass from a zombie flick that didn't die, before finally just giving up and settling with the obvious choice.
  • The "troll boobs" Running Gag in her EverQuest review.
  • Having the Elephant in the Room confront her for trying not to bring up certain subject matter in Ironclaw.
  • Her fangirling of the Magistracy of Canopus in the first edition of the BattleTech RPG, which eventually even the video tells her to clam up about.
    • When she starts getting into the overly complex battle system, a video of Techno Babble starts playing in the foreground, along with various interjections from Mind Screw scenes.
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  • The Mr. Hat scene from the top 11 Funniest Moments from Batman TAS.

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