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  • Many of the scenes involving the Invisibles, especially the pranks of the second and the third Invisible on the Horned King as well as their interactions with the first Invisible. Heck, there's practically too many examples to list here!
    • In order to alleviate Avalina's fear of the Horned King (which has been intensified thanks to Arawn), the Invisibles interrupt their meal by bringing a trolley loaded with streamers, confetti and glitter, sending the contents to fly everywhere in the room. The Horned King glows with all the paper on him, making it hard for Avalina to stop laughing. Then one of the Invisibles (as they're announcing that it's the Horned King's birthday) shoves a cream pie right in the lich's face! That leaves everyone else laughing uncontrollably. The Horned King doesn't move at all, even as the pan and crust slide on his lap. Then he slowly takes a towel and wipes his face off the white. While he glares around murderously, he doesn't lose it. All he has to say to the Invisibles' announcement that it shall be his birthday from that moment onward is "Ohhh…goody".
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    • When the Horned King and Avalina ride to her secret place, the twins sing a parodied version of a certain "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" song that greatly annoys the first Invisible. The fourth Invisible tells the twins to keep it low. The first Invisible is thankful, only for the fourth Invisible to continue the song. The chapter ends with Dusty fleeing with its ears covered as all the others chase it and finish the song.
    • The twins break the order to remain silent in Avalina's presence so many times that the Fates eventually give up trying to enforce it.
    • The Invisibles sing "Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows" nearly endlessly before, during and after Avalina's birthday. They even take a moment to do the little "educational conversation" the song includes.
  • The song "Yankee Doodle Dandy" gives several moments.
    • As a part of another scheme to alleviate Avalina's fear of the Horned King, the Invisibles play the song while moving past them. After they've left, the lich and the girl are left in awkward silence. After several words are exchanged, Avalina wonders with a grin if she could get the sheet music for the song. The chapter ends with the Horned King having a horrified look on his face.
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    • Months later, Avalina teaches the Horned King to play a tune with the piano, revealing afterwards it to be "Yankee Doodle Dandy". He's not pleased at all, and while he relaxes, he promises to make her pay for that.
    • When the lich and the girl are with Mitternacht in her favorite ridge, they eventually start throwing leaves at each other and playing hide and seek. It ends with the Horned King grabbing Avalina and fulfilling his above-mentioned promise with a Friendly Tickle Torture.
    • When the second and the third Invisible annoy the first Invisible by singing "Yankee Doodle Dandy", it snaps and accidentally causes a bucket of nails to fall through a window into the moat below. (Since their conjuring abilities are at the time confiscated, they can't get new supplies.) The first Invisible becomes enraged and lunges at the twins. The resulting chase takes them throughout the castle (and at least twice past Avalina and the Horned King) until at the courtyard they see a tied-up Creeper being thrown into the moat. They hurry back to the window and find out that the fourth Invisible has thrown Creeper out to fetch the fallen tools.
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  • Creeper gets drunk from mead and sings some parts of the song "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch".
  • While wondering what to do in the castle with the Horned King during winter, Avalina asks him what would he do if she called him "Mr. Green". He can hardly believe his ears, thinking that the Invisibles have influenced her.
  • After Avalina and Creeper search for hours a boy's name for Addie's baby and agree upon one, she happily says that they just have to find a name from the girl's side also. The scene ends with Creeper letting out a Big "WHAT?!".
  • When the gender of Addie's baby is confirmed, Creeper mutters his relief that there isn't a third female around. Addie steps on his foot firmly while winking at Avalina almost like a conspirator.
  • When the Horned King attempts to leave the Invisibles' company, Avalina happily notes that they haven't sung yet. The chapter ends with the Invisibles singing a combination of both "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and "Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows".
  • The Invisibles force the Horned King, Avalina and Creeper to bake. The failures at concocting a simple recipe end with an explosion.


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