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YMMV / Hope for the Heartless

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  • Awesome Music:
    • The theme of Faerydae's video "Horned King X Avalina Save Me". "Save Me" by My Darkest Days fits excellently the Horned King's dilemma and Avalina's role in it.
    • In another fanvideo made by Akemi Rain, the song "Where butterflies never die" by Broken Iris is used to skillfully capture the theme of humanizing the Horned King.
  • Fan-Disliked Explanation: The Horned King became an undead, disfigured demon-thing… because he murdered a lot of people. That's it. No Dark Magic involved, no conscious attempt to turn himself immortal. Despite the fic's great reception, this is definitely one of its shakier bits of World Building, especially since it arguably delivers an Accidental Aesop — "slaughtering people unfeelingly will give you great power and make you immortal". note 
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  • Fridge Brilliance: The Invisibles are instructed by the Fates not to speak to anyone else but the Horned King and Creeper. They are punished when they disobey this order, but eventually the Fates give up trying to enforce it when they consider it pointless to keep up. At said point, the bond between Avalina and the Horned King is well-established. If Avalina would have had from the beginning the Invisibles to converse with instead of just Creeper and the Horned King, she wouldn't have spent enough time with the lich and get over her fear of him.
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