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Funny / Harry Potter: Pokémon Master

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Harry Potter and the Master Ball

Harry Potter and the Chamber of the Unown

  • Luna is a barrel of laughs most of the time.

Harry Potter and the Lord of Sevii

  • Turns out Luna isn't the only crazy one in her family. Xeno is just as nuts, including breaking into Amos Diggory's house and taking photos of him and Amos, and having his paper have a digital feature to have it read as a scurvy pirate.

Harry Potter and the Grand Trainer Tournament

  • During the press conference after the choosing of the competing trainers, Xenophilius Lovegood asks Harry which of Voldemort's organs he would rather rip to keep as a conversation piece for parties. Before anyone can interrupt, Harry answers.
    Harry: I'd say his testicles but we all know the bastard doesn't have any balls.
    Jasmine: Marry me.
    (cue all the other champions making their proposals, completely derailing the conference for several minutes)
  • Before the First Task, everyone is naturally nervous, and the boys become surprised when the girls come into their locker room, just to have a laugh. McGonagall arrives then, and her comments lead the champions to sing Pokémon's theme. Then Barty Crouch Jr joins them, sings a few verses and tells the champions the task is about to begin, while telling Minerva there's a time and place for a song.
  • Iris heavily flirts with Viktor for several weeks leading to the First Task. Then, just before her turn, she continues the trend, only for Viktor to kiss her, knocking her out of her game.
    • Some of the Champions' attempts at finding out what secret their golden egg might be hiding are hilarious. The best is Jasmine bringing the egg to the kitchen, breaking normal eggs for breakfast while threatening the golden one to speak up if it doesn't want to follow.
    • Iris takes the time to paint a smiling face on the egg and put a post-it on it, naming it Viktor Jr.

Harry Potter and the Order of Moltres


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