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Funny / Harry Potter and the Not-Fatal-At-All Cultural Exchange Program

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  • Scene 6: When Harry takes Veritaserum, he can't even think of Ron studying.
  • Scene 10: Berserker appraises Hermione and Luna's bickering as signs of Unresolved Sexual Tension.
  • Scene 22: 'It was distressing how many problems a good murder could solve'.
  • Scene 24: Voldemort's narration is full of hilariously snarky black comedy.
  • This piece of Word of God on how Executors' armour differs from normal clothing:
They haven't been specially prepared to 'identify' as a separate thing from the person wearing it - for some reason inanimate objects don't tend to have a very strong concept of identity, so when worn, unless measures have been taken, clothing's identity is subsumed within that of the person wearing it.

Essentially, put on a t-shirt, and it becomes part of the identity 'Kotomine Kirei in a hawaiian shirt'. Pick up a rock and it becomes part of the identity 'Kotomine Kirei in a hawaiian shirt, flip-flops, and holding a rock'. The scales are prepared such that the identities 'Kotomine Kirei', 'Kotomine Kirei's cassock, Bertha', 'Kotomine Kirei's thirty-third armour scale, Gertrude', etc, remain separate even when Kotomine Kirei is wearing them.


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