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Heartwarming / Harry Potter: Pokémon Master

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Harry Potter and the Master Ball

  • In his first night at Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall gently tells Harry the truth about his parents, calling them two of the best trainers and people she has ever met, and hugging him when he breaks down in tears.
  • After Harry's fight with Malfoy turns into a run in the Gauntlet stadium, Professor McGonagall takes him away - and promptly tells him she wants to reward him for defending Neville and being so good at what she has seen.
    • Related to that is Hermione, Neville and Ron going to McGonagall's office to defend Harry, to attempt to get him out of detention. Harry's particularly touched by this, since it's the first time he can remember being defended by someone.
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  • Harry's first Solstice. He receives his first gifts (with the Weasleys teaching him everything about the holidays) and he also receives Ludwig, the child of his mother's Chandlure - and the first thing he has had that connects him to his family.
  • Harry protecting Togepi after she loses her parents.
  • Dumbledore's reveal that everyone in Avalon was trying to get Harry back from the Dursleys. He wasn't left on their porch, he wasn't sent there to be hidden away. The law didn't allow Dumbledore to bring Harry to Avalon till he was 11 and even then he never stopped trying to get Harry back.
  • Remus. In nearly every fic, Remus lives a hard life. In this world, there is no werewolf curse, so Remus is a respected member of society, has friends, and is able to adopt Harry without any fuss. And he becomes a great father to Harry.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of the Unown

Harry Potter and the Lord of Sevii

  • Sirius is ready to pretend he is merely the mysterious Lord of Sevii... but seeing Harry and Tonks makes him realize he can't do it and he instantly reveals himself to them, leading to a massive group hug.
  • Peter Pettigrew. It doubles as a Tear Jerker but in this reality he never betrayed James. He was a Marauder till the end, giving his life to save Sirius'. As one reviewer put it, remembering Sirius' accusation against him ("You should have die for them! As I would have!") makes it both sad and wonderful that in one world at least Peter remained a true friend.
    • The last chapter of Book 3 reveals a new addition to the statue of James and Lily at their old hometown: Peter now standing beside them, honored at last.


Harry Potter and the Grand Trainer Tournament

  • When Harry is forced into the tournament NONE of his friends believe he did it himself. Even Ron avoids Ron the Death Eater by coming right out and saying he knows Harry better than to believe he'd do something like that.
  • The other champions, despite being several years older than him, instantly take a shine to Harry and become true friends to him. There isn't a bad one in the entire bunch and much of the fourth book is Harry interacting with the likes of Gary Oak, Iris, and Fleur.
    • Just as in the anime Gary and Ash became friends again.
  • Barty and Harry giving Gabrielle CPR when everyone else writes her off for dead, with Barty even praying to Arceus to save the little girl. She is revived.
    • Cynthia and Diantha making it clear they will never forget what Harry did, and that he will always be welcome in their home.
  • When all hope is lost and Harry and Jasmine are alone against Team Nocturne all of the Hogwarts professors, Remus, Sirius, Tonks, his friends' parents/guardians, and all the headmasters arrive to protect him. As the story says "the teleporter activated and his faith was rewarded".
  • Jack and Lance forgiving each other and becoming best friends again. Throughout the fourth book Jack and Lance loathe each other though there are moments where their old friendship shines through. When Clair is hit by a Crucio Jack begs Lance to help him, calling him brother, and Lance agrees with a smile. After that the two are back to where they left years ago, working to train Harry to take Voldemort down.
  • Jasmine's speech to her adopted father about how she will never doubt his love for him because unlike most kids her dad CHOSE to love her when he could have easily passed her on to someone else.
  • Harry reunites his friends to tell them he's going to be training to fight Voldemort and asks them to live normal lives without him. Ron immediately tells him to stuff his "lone wolf" attitude, because he is his friend, and he'll be damned if he lets his friend fight alone in a war. The others immediately express the same opinion.

Harry Potter and the Order of Moltres

  • Harry's friends (Ginny, Hermione, Luna, Neville and Ron) are around the world, training with the different masters Jack arranged for them, but as soon as they heard about the attack on Little Surrey they dropped everything to be able to return to him. Because they know Harry needs them.
  • When pushed by Walden MacNair about why he is fighting a war that isn't his, Jack states that he and the Pack are fighting to give Harry the time to prepare and be ready to take on the mantle of hero, because he remembers how much he wished someone would have done that for him during the Johto-Kanto War.
  • Selene Lovegood was an incredibly beautiful woman (and a Veela), so much that men and women would throw themselves at her. Selene, however, always remained 100% faithful to her husband Xeno, not even sparing a romantic thought for anyone else.
    • Why did Selene fall for Xeno? Because he made her laugh.

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