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Tear Jerker / Harry Potter: Pokémon Master

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  • Jasmine realized early on, after seeing her father freeze up at seemingly innocent things, that he had PTSD due to the Johto/Kanto War. She brings it up to Clair she reveals that she knows and that for some people "the nightmares of war can never go away".
    • The night after her parents were killed and Jack had brought her to Rogue's End, he asked her as she cried in the dark what she wanted and he would give it to her. She told him she wanted Kanto "to hurt". Jack would the next morning declare war on Kanto. Jasmine years later blames herself for what the war did to her father, as she has seen that despite his attempts to hide it the war left him broken.
      • Jasmine later reveals that her brash persona is a facade she created because she wanted to be strong enough not to be a burden to her father; she decided to create it after she was kidnapped as a child and her father, after brutally murdering the kidnappers (the only time he let her see just how violent he can be), broke down sobbing begging her to forgive him for making her a target. She swore at that moment she would never make her father cry again.
  • A meta example. The author's mother passed away while he was writing the series rather suddenly due to cancer. In Book 4 he has an author's note where he talks about Mandy Perkins on The Princess Bride being motivated in his fight with the six fingered man by imagining that if he defeated the man his father who had died would come back to life. Mr. Chaos then states that Voldemort, as he wrote him (an insidious evil that gets into good people and rips away all that is in them) represents the cancer that killed his mother. He then vows:
    Mr. Chaos: I will complete this series. Harry will defeat Voldemort. And when he does... when he kills that son of a bitch... it will be me killing the cancer that stole my mother from me. And I'll have my happy ending.
    • Moves into a Heartwarming Moments when the reviews for that chapter rapidly became filled with people passing on their support and sharing their own stories of losing loved ones and how Voldemort's defeat will be a victory for them as well.
    • When a troll left a review mocking the death of Mr. Chaos' mother fans rapidly began to leave reviews offering their support and shouting down the one who left it.
  • The entirety of Somewhere Only We Know-Wolves Interlude. The Pack take Jack to Galar for his birthday and through the entire chapter Diantha thinks about how Jack hides how much pain he is in spiritually from having to be the revolutionary hero. Finally the rest of the Pack give Jack his present: for that day he doesn't have to pretend everything is okay. When it finally dawns on him what that means Jack breaks down, crying for "the boy he used to be... the man he would never be."
    • It is STRONGLY implied in this chapter that the Pack, when they were teenagers, were assaulted horrifically. That night they were forced to kill their captors and that's what forged their eternal bond. The memories still haunt Diantha so badly she won't speak of them.

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