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Book 1

  • Harry reaching the goal in his first Gauntlet match, winning the game for Gryffindor, even after the Electrodes swarm the ground.
  • Instead of being defeated by Harry's protection as in canon, Voldemort is defeated by Ron, whose Cubchoo freezes Quirell's head in an ice block.

Book 2

  • Neville and Harry racing to save Luna and Ginny from the Ravenclaws that were picking on Luna.
  • Neville managing to overcome taking a C4 blast a point blank range to get up and destroy the shard that linked Voldemort to the diary, while yelling out his revenge.
  • Harry not only defeats the Beast of Slytherin... he CAPTURES it!
  • Harry tricking Lucius Malfoy into giving him his Kadabra Dobby in exchange of Ron's unable-to-evolve Magikarp while making him believe it is the Beast of Slytherin, and then have Lucius swear never to allow anyone else to attempt to get their hands on Zygarde.
    • As an extra, when he realizes he has been tricked, Lucius releases the Magikarp in his home - and the Magikarp manages to transform into a Gyarados, destroying half of Malfoy Manor.

Book 3

  • Harry forcing the Traitor to run away during the attack on Le Fay's Landing.
  • Rather than being a traitor, this incarnation of Peter Pettigrew remained loyal and died saving Sirius' life.
  • Harry throwing Regulus' Control Ball out of the window, preventing him from using the Dusknoirs to attack Hogwarts.
  • Harry becoming a Pokémagnus while freefalling from the Astronomy Tower, saving Hermione in the process, and then attacking Regulus.

Book 4

  • Luna Lovegood riding a Gyarados down to intercept the Carrows before they can torture Neville during the Battle of Ilex Forest and delivering the Pre-Asskicking One-Liner "Have you heard the sensation that's sweeping the nation? Bitches love cannons."
  • Harry getting the egg in the First Task by first surviving Smaug's strategy of bringing all the rocks down, and then surfing on the Tyrantrum's back before merging with Hedwig to fly past the finish line.
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  • Harry, Iris, and Jack Kenway escape one of Voldemort's traps by flying out of an exploding stadium.
  • During the Third Task, Gabrielle and Fleur are caught by cables and dragged back into the lake. The champions, without a word, dive back in to save them.
    • When the local Pokemon attack Jack shows up, barechested in frigid waters, and fights them off to buy Harry time. By the time Harry gets back to the surface Jack has gone into shock... but he managed to clear out most of the wild Pokemon.
    • Harry rescues Gabrielle only for a Gyarados to come to attack... and Ron, riding his Gyarados, blindsides it and rescues the two.
    • When everyone gives up on saving a dead Gabrielle Barty Crouch Jr. tells them to piss off and gives her CPR until she awakens.
  • In the graveyard, Voldemort attempts to tempt Harry to become his new vessel, offering him power. Harry asks if Voldemort would give him whatever he wanted and Voldemort agrees... at which point Harry releases his first ever Speaker Pulse that makes every Pokemon in the area, even Voldemort, tremble before roaring "I WANT MY PARENTS BACK, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" and summoning Zygarde.
    • When all hope is lost and Harry and Jasmine are alone against Team Nocturne, all of the Hogwarts professors, Remus, Sirius, Tonks, his friends' parents/guardians, and all the headmasters arrive to protect him. As the story says, "the teleporter activated and his faith was rewarded." Doubles as a CMOH.
  • With Lance and Jack reconciling, the Pack are back together once more, and prove just how dangerous they really are in battle. Notable moments include:
    • The Pack working together to defeat a Golurk. Not with Pokemon, mind you... they personally defeat one!
    • Jonas working with Sirius to get one of the Team Nocturne Agents - Jonas summons his Tyranitar above the latter's Pokémon, crushing it, while Sirius attacks the Agent while in his Pokémagnus form.
    • Jack and Lance going two-on-one against Voldemort, directing their own and each other's Pokémon without an issue, wonderfully coordinated the entire time, and ending it by dropping one of the most powerful Pokémon attacks ever by combining Azog's and Dragonite's Signature Attacks. The fact that Voldemort manages to survive the attack says more about how insanely powerful he is than about the attack's power itself.

Book 5

  • A comparatively minor one, but Harry manages to completely subvert Umbridge's attempts at hijacking the meeting in Chapter 13 by throwing the rules right back into her face.
    • And then Dumbledore turns everything upside-down by revealing that Umbridge will still be hired as a Professor... that is, an assistant History Professor working with BINNIS. Who does he hire as Battle Instructor instead? Why, none other than Brock Slate!
  • A battle between Brock's Graveler and Hedwig ends with Hedwig winning even though it's a type she's weak against.
  • Mumik's new finisher: combining a Bounce, an Earthquake, and a Fire Fang to turn himself into a living asteroid. It's called "Worldbreaker".
  • Looker managing to prevent the Gym Leaders from making a big mistake by airing all of Voldemort's dirty deeds and those of his followers.
  • When Voldemort tries to kill Gym Leader Diggory, Lily instantly brings out her Blaziken to pummel Voldemort's Krookodile into the sky.
    • When Bellatrix moves to attack Lily Sirius' father, Orion, merely stares her down and sends out his Empoleon. Bellatrix instantly stands down, knowing she's screwed.

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