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    The Sonic CD Let's Play 
  • FTA, Smoovies and Sky play through the Christian Whitehead remake of Sonic CD as Sky tries to convince them it's a good game. He fails.
    • Sky: I completely understand why people hate this game, and, funny enough, the very same reasons people hate this game are the reasons why I love this game. It's not a traditional Sonic...
      (FTA laughs)
      Sky: ... classic Sonic game. You're not going fast all the time, it's more about platforming and exploration, and I like that!
      FTA: So - so you like this game because it has ungodly bad level design? Okay, good to know.

    The Sonic 06 Let's Play 

What the crew calls: "The Only Decent LP we have...."

  • By 2016, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Let's Plays had been beaten into the ground what with how many LPer's had taken an easy potshot at the infamously bad game. But what else was FTCR to do on the tenth anniversary of the game? It was doomed to be a throwaway formality of re-treading well-worn territory... unless, of course, Smoovies got his grubby editing paws on it. Which is exactly what he did, culminating in what many consider to be the definitive Sonic '06 LP. Some highlights:
    • Changing every ranking to an S rank... even when he actually gets an S rank.
    • Awarding himself 100 "GamerGate Points" every time he picks up a silver medal along with a meme-tastic tagline.
    • Pausing in the middle of a cutscene to Google whether Mephiles' "chicken from an egg" speech was factually accurate.
    • Pointing out two blatant instances of Cutscene Power to the Max in all three of the main characters' opening scenes.
    • Adding cartoon sound effects to scenes where they seem appropriate. Most notably, Omega now sounds like a squeaky toy with every step!
    • Placing a crashing jet over a random scene of Silver's story and the ending to Sonic's story.
    • Cutting to the credits of the game (and once, the credits of King of the Hill) over some of the more unfair or funny deaths.
    • Playing Silver's infamous "It's no use!" line whenever someone else says it.
    • Turning the final Shadow boss fight into a Pokémon battle.
    • Inserting the song "A Thousand Miles" to instantly mock Narmy moments, most infamously during the true final episode of the LP, where they just watch all of the loading screens.
    • Re-editing Amy's scene with Elise to make it look like she's coming onto her.
    • And that's just the tip of the iceberg. A compilation of all of his edits came in at 50 minutes.
  • One funny moment that didn't come from the edits comes from Tropical Jungle in Sonic's story. At one point, Sonic is supposed to run down the inside of a tree. Instead, Smoovies jumps just right so that Sonic awkwardly falls in his standing animation, facing upward. The icing on the cake is his Totally Radical line "Let's rip!" in the middle of it. Smoovies also inserts a clip of this in the middle of the ending to Sonic's story.

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