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There's a reason Joe Oriolo's cartoons promised viewers "You'll laugh so much, your sides will ache" from watching Felix the Cat!

Funny moments for Felix the Cat: The Movie and The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat go on their respective pages.

     Silent/Golden Age Felix Cartoons 
  • The ending punchline of Felix Doubles for Darwin; Felix tracks down a group of monkeys and asks if man is descended from them, so he can help a friend win a cash prize with the answer. The monkeys are so insulted at being compared to man, that they chase Felix all the way across the ocean. Felix meets up with his friend, and gives him the answer just before they both run away;
    Felix: "The monkeys come after us!"
  • The climax of Felix Turns the Tide has Felix saving the day from the army of rats with his own army of living hot dogs, all delivered by wire to help him. Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Comicalamities is one of the funniest shorts in the series, but Its highlight has to be the moment where the cartoon almost does an Iris Out—only for Felix to abruptly force it back open!

     Joe Oriolo Felix Cartoons 

     Felix the Cat Comics 
  • In "Starburst" (Felix the Cat (Four Color) Dell Comics, #135, 1946), Felix is cursed by a jinx due to a red star floating above his head that follows him everywhere he goes. He decides to consult an astronomer to ask him what this means, and he tactlessly tells him "You were born! That was a mistake!"

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