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Various funny moments and bits of dialogue throughout the story. Marked Spoilers inbound in the Chapter folders.

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  • The cast has a handful of deadpan snarkers, as well as characters that just have a blunt way of speaking. Naturally, their dialogue is rather entertaining to read. These characters include Aoi, Michi, Tiffani, and Yusra.
  • Ping's childlike mannerisms and general behavior are pretty fun to witness.
  • Riko, at first, seems like a very cold, serious, and professional girl... until you learn that she's a Closet Geek with a love for all things Star Trek.
  • Ishi's various attempts to make Timaeus and Nikola a couple are hilarious to see, especially for the fans who also ship the two.
    • The general interactions between Tim and Nik add fuel to the fire, and many fans have commented about how they want Tim and Nik to ask each other out.
  • Sal's general Camp Gay attitude and mannerisms are entertaining to witness during his conversations with other characters.
  • The students have given MONO-9000 various nicknames, including "The Toaster" and "Fucko-9000."
  • MONO-9000's general hammy attitude is entertaining, but can also be downright terrifying in certain cases.
  • Occasionally, when Tim goes to talk to some of the girls, he'll address them by saying "hello ladies," due to him usually working with an older demographic in the library.
  • Tim has a habit of getting flustered around pretty much anyone (regardless of their gender) for pretty much any reason, whether it be something that the other person says or does.
  • During Gugalanna's introduction, Timaeus mentions that he's not much of an athlete. Gugalanna says that she's already taken a note of this, and proceeds to boast about how Tim is no match for her or some of the other wrestlers she's faced.
  • During Siegfried's introduction, Siegfried and Ishi get into a verbal spat and start yelling at each other. At one point, the former makes a comment about the latter's outfit by calling her a swimsuit girl... in German.
  • After MONO-9000 slashes Ishi's arm after she both harmed him physically and peed on a couch, she yells out "I WILL PEE ON EVERYTHING YOU LOVE," much to the robot's amusement.
    • Everyone's reaction to Ishi actually peeing on the couch is rather entertaining to witness as well.
    Chapter One - Don't Panic 
  • While first investigating the cafeteria in Sector One, Timaeus finds Jurou and Gugalanna looking around in the kitchen. When Tim steps inside to look with them, they find a pile of various vegetables sitting on the counter. They initially suspect that the veggies are poisonous, and remain cautious... that is until Gugalanna eats one of them in order to find out if this is true. Luckily, the vegetables weren't tainted with anything, and Jurou ended up cooking supper for everyone later that day.
  • When Timaeus is first investigating Sector One, he comes across Salvatore and Siegfried in the laundry room. When he finds Ping blocking the door to the storage room, Salvatore starts climbing on Siegfried and speaks in a seductive manner in order to try to get Sieg to help move Ping out of the way.
  • When Timaeus firsts investigates the rec room in Sector One, he finds Honoka and Michi conversing by the pool table. Michi then pranks Honoka by comparing her cane to a pool stick and trying to put chalk on it.
  • Michi's free time event sees him and Timaeus watching Kiara the Brave, much to Tim's confusion. Turns out Michi was pranking Tim by pretending to like it so he could get Tim to watch it.
  • During Ping's free time event, Timaeus finds an old Atari and boots it up in order to play some games with the robot. They settle on Pong, and everything seems to be going well... until Ping's robot reflexes kick in and she beats Timaeus 75 times in a row.
  • There's a scene in the cafeteria where Timaeus and Ishi go to talk to Jurou, Tiffani and Ping, and Jurou and Tim teach Ping various southern contractions while Tiffani desperately attempts to reset Ping's internal dictionary. The reason she's doing this in the first place is because Ishi already taught Ping a bunch of swear words.
  • While investigating the laundry room after Gugalanna's death, Tim goes into the laundry room closet... only to find Michi lounging on a pile of towels.
  • During the class trial, when the students are attempting to figure out what the white powder found on Ping's body is, one of the options is cocaine. If this option is selected the first time the question of the powder's identity comes about, there's even some bonus dialogue that comes up later.
    Honoka: Why is cocaine the first thing you think of?!
    Chapter Two - Delusions of Morality 
  • When investigating the basketball court, Timaeus finds some lockers with items belonging to some of the students, which are locked with a password. After texting Ishi to ask what the password to her locker might be, she answers with 42069. Despite Tim's disbelief, Ishi insists that that is the correct password. She's right.
  • When Tim goes to investigate the basketball court, Tiffani mentions that it brings back some bad memories from her middle school years. When Michi asks why she's still there, she explains that she's there out of spite, and that she's going to burn down every cheerleading-related item she finds.
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