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  • During his trip to Hoshido with Kaze and Rinkah, among many things Harrison describes to them are the scientific achievements his world has made; Rinkah, being a deeply spiritual individual who doubts his story, considers this ludicrous. His completely humbling her with proof of bacteria's existence - done with an old experiment comparing two bowls of food, one exposed to the elements and the other not - leaves a priceless look of humility on her face.
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  • Harrison's first bath in Hoshido, specifically in Castle Shirasagi, has him flub propriety when he baths without first cleaning himself of the dirt and grime (as he's not consciously thinking of such restrictions in a pre-industrial society). He's quite mortified when Ryoma points this out, while the High Prince himself is quite nonchalant about the fact - especially considering that Harrison doesn't have the ease with the Hoshidan royal family, as a whole, that he does with the Nohrian one.
  • When Harrison needs some help in putting on Hoshidan clothing, he obliviously asks Sakura to help him tie it. The physical intimacy of the request towards the shy girl (even without any sort of lewdness or impropriety) causes her to flush nervously.
  • Reina is in awe of the brutality and usefulness of guns in warfare when Harrison has explained them to her. He attempts to dissuade her of this, before realizing that going into further detail would only make her MORE enamoured of them and then just shuts up.
  • In the second Interlude, Hinoka's POV scene has her taking particular note of Azura and Sakura's plan to stay on the mainland, recognizing the unusual nature of the proposition despite it being strategically sound. When the meeting adjourns, she pulls Sakura aside and probes her for whether the idea has anything to do with going to Hoiyoto to find Harrison. Sakura's response?
    Sakura: "D-do you promise not to tell Takumi?"
    Hinoka can't help but laugh.
    • In addition, Takumi's calm mood and good cheer (this being after Azura exorcised most of Anankos' influence in Mokushu) has Hinoka so off guard and out of her element that she's a bit concerned for her brother. The first sign of his curtness during the discussing reassures her:
    Hinoka: "Is that it? You're never that agreeable. It's not like you. Are you feeling all right?"
    Takumi: (folds his arms) "I'm only agreeable when there's a good reason to be. It's not my fault that I don't get much to work with."
    Hinoka sighs and shakes her head. She shouldn't have pushed her luck.

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