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  • One that keeps on giving is the friendship between Harrison and Xander:
    • It is Xander who, along with his retainers, stumbles upon Harrison and saves him from a Faceless attack; taking responsibility for his country's part in their creation, he even offers to have his (non life-threatening) injuries treated by Elise and escorts him to the Northern Fortress.
    • Asked why he was in the middle of nowhere, Harrison decides to go for broke and admit his origins; aside from their world being essentially a story in his world, he comes clean about who he is. Xander is very skeptical but, with the apparent proof of American dollars, driver's licence and a flashlight (along with Corrin and Elise's believing things) he decides to give him the benefit of the doubt - providing rooming and a chance to make something of himself by joining Corrin in her sparring sessions.
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    • Their first proper bonding moment is on Harrison's first night in Nohr, looking at the stars together, where he marvels at how bright it is in a sky without light pollution; he then shares a memory of watching the night sky with his father during a lunar eclipse, explaining in the process a quote from 2001: A Space Odyssey (It Makes Sense in Context). After an uneasy moment where he realizes that Xander is reflecting on his own strained bond with Garon, the prince asks about whether he misses home; Harrison, reflecting on his similarity to Dave Bowman, answers truthfully, leading to the following exchange:
    Harrison" "It's... complicated. On one hand, this is really exciting, but on the other hand, it's scary. And my friends and family... I'm alone. Without them. I know no one here but you. And I don't even know how I would begin to get home, if it's even possible. For all I know, they could just be one of those points of light in the sky. A pale blue dot, someone once called it."
    Both look up at the sky in silence.
    Harrison: Um, I just wanted to say, thanks for everything. I mean, you didn't have to do all this for me... I'm kind of totally useless, you know? I would totally get it if you just threw me out on the street. And it's not too late to do that, too, if you want to change your mind."
    Xander: You are most welcome. For the record, I have no intention of abandoning you. It is the duty of a prince to aid his people in any capacity he can."
    Harrison: (turns to look at him) "But I'm not one of 'your people'."
    Xander: You may think so, but you do not understand the situation this world is in... if you are not with us, with Nohr, you are with Hoshido. There are some that attempt to remain neutral, but the vast majority of the world is on one side or the other. For now, you are with us. Don't forget that."
    • After Harrison calls him out on attacking him and blindly following Garon's orders, Xander admits to how he didn't fully believe his story at first, despite indicating as such, and that their discussion under the night sky was the first point when he seriously considers it. He also affirms their friendship, and proves it with him and his siblings aiding his escape with the two Hoshidans.
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    • They don't see each other again until the Plains of Hoshido battle, where Xander's relieved to see he's safe as well as Corrin (the others affirm similar thoughts). Later on, even after Corrin breaks Xander's heart by siding against her adopted family, he's still kind towards Harrison who is fleeing the battlefield; he even takes note of his friend's request to watch over his siblings, and to not take advantage of Sakura (who for her own reasons also followed Harrison just off the battlefield) as a hostage.
  • In the first Interlude, Xander's section has him reflecting on what, by all rights, should be an incompatible Odd Friendship—the former being an average teen Trapped in Another World, the latter being an heir to a kingdom with The Chains of Commanding on his shoulders—yet they bond extremely quickly. Xander notes how this probably came from the ease in which Harrison treated him, feeling like an equal with someone for the first time.
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  • In general, all the Nohrian royals—in a sharp, later contrast to the Hoshidans—are warm and accommodating towards Harrison fairly early on in their own ways: Xander and he become fast friends, Camilla is playful but non-aggressive, Leo bonds with him over their shared interest in books, and Elise... is, well, Elise.
  • Though he deals with more open hostility from the start (including Takumi, his retainers and Saizo), there are still people willing to give Harrison the benefit of the doubt in Shirasagi: for instance, Kagero is kind despite her other half's open contempt, as is her friend Orochi, open-minded and friendly as usual. Meanwhile, though Ryoma and Hinoka are not as close to him as Sakura, they are open-minded and willing to defend him to Takumi; even when giving critique they aren't harsh, as Ryoma doesn't hold the Culture Clash against him, while Hinoka gives him helpful (if simplistic) advice for preparing to enter the battlefield and fight humans.
    • Although his younger brother presses the issue, Ryoma does not let Takumi continuously antagonist Harrison either—especially when he's largely proven trustworthy, even saving Mikoto and fighting alongside them multiple battles. It's also hinted that, like Hinoka he doesn't hold Harrison not choosing a side against him.
    • When Hinoka, in a later Interlude deduces that Sakura and Azura are leaving the main force to meet up with Harrison, she gently pries the truth from the former to confirm her suspicions; she also makes it clear she's unopposed to Sakura's crush when her baby sister asks her to not tell Takumi and set him off.
    • Heck, even though Rinkah is fairly hostile to Harrison at the start (and remains aloof even after time spent in his company), her animosity fades into begrudging tolerance at least; the more cool-headed Kaze, in contrast is perfectly courteous at all times, particularly when Corrin takes Harrison as her retainer. And when Harrison brings up the idea of testing for bacteria, Kaze and Sakura are both supportive of the experiment from the get-go. Speaking of which...
  • Sakura's interactions with Harrison, as a somewhat-older boy who actively seeks her company and talks to her as an equal yet considerately, leads to her developing a quick infatuation on him (one clear to everyone but Harrison). In turn, she is the only Hoshidan royal who he can safely claim to be close to (Takumi being distrusting, Ryoma and Hinoka both amiable but distant) unlike in Nohr, and they quickly find a lot of common ground. Among other things, she's quickly fascinated by his scientific knowledge and actively gets involved in witnessing the process of his proving the existence of bacteria. And on the Plains of Hoshido, she confronts him about his intent to leave the war altogether, not choosing a side, and he entrusts her to give Corrin the letter he wrote about assuring her that he's in her corner even if they're not currently on the same side.
  • Shinjiro Murata, the mayor of a small Hoshidan village, not only shows gratitude towards Harrison for saving his son during a Faceless attack, he gives him the benefit of the doubt when he's found and brought back to Hoiyoto after fleeing the battlefield. He tells Harrison that while he doesn't like Nohr anymore than most of the country his experiences as a soldier years ago have made him aware of the reality that both sides are human, and he doesn't blame him for the decision he made. Culminating in him giving Harrison sanctuary and a home where he thought he might not find one. Over time, he becomes an advisor and mentor to Harrison as the young man grows into an unexpected leadership role while also becoming an important part of their community.
  • Following the above, Harrison strives to make himself useful and help the village, in turn earning the camaraderie of the villagers. In particular:
    • Daisuke trusts him enough, after his help in the Faceless battle, to bring him back under unique circumstances, and backs him to the point he dies fighting for his village, believing in Harrison's guns as a means to protect his home. The villagers' love for Daisuke isn't an empty platitude, he truly lives up to his reputation as a pillar of the community, even including a foreigner as part of it.
    • Ayane and Taka are hospitable from the start, don't judge him for being a little naïve or ignorant (such as not considering the nature of their relationship, as two women living together), and back him fully when he proposes fighting to protect their homes. And when Hiro tries to leave with a gun, Taka stonewalls him, effectively putting herself into Harrison's corner over someone who is willing to abandon the rest of them out of spite and not see the bigger picture.
    • The tradespeople of Hoiyoto, not having seen anything like firearms before, back Harrison's almost-mad plan purely because they, too, want to protect their homes, and they trust Murata's judgement.
  • Harrison's militia is fast becoming a force of not just one village of Hoshidans, or even two, but an alliance of likeminded people who are able to put aside their differences to work together for a common cause. From having Reina on side, to Felicia slowly becoming accepted as one of them, to Kenji and his fellow samurai defecting, to Mozu becoming a dedicated backer of this cause. And this is implied to be just the beginning, especially since the second Interlude implies Sakura, her retainers and Azura will also join forces with them.


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