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In a world where people sling magic around and the rare dragon will show up, it's a given that there would be a fair few of these lying around during Harrison's journey.

  • Right in the first chapter, Xander saving Harrison from a Faceless just after being thrown into an unfamiliar place by his car and then proceeding to take him to the castle to get healed.
  • Harrison training with Xander in the way of the sword. Granted, it was obvious he would lose, given it's Prince Xander he's training with, yet he still put up enough of a fight that left Xander impressed. Enough to make him his retainer-in-training, even!
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  • As in the games, Corrin fights Xander to keep him from executing unarmed Hoshidans on Garon's orders, but she doubles down on it because Harrison, who was forced to fight her and has been framed as a spy, is someone they trusted beforehand and calls him on not even questioning the commands he's made to follow. This does get through to him, too, as in the following chapter he admits to Harrison that Corrin was the stronger person that day.
  • Chapter 19: Given that it hasn't been that long since Harrison learned how to use a sword, the fact that he was able to fight off a Faceless and save a kid is gratifying, considering how he messed up the last time he fought.
  • Chapter 23: Harrison succeeds in saving Queen Mikoto, thereby proving that he can, in fact, change fate in this world.
  • You've got to give a hand to Sakura, when Harrison began fleeing the scene after Corrin decided to defend Hoshido, Sakura chased him down and pleaded for him to return to Hoshido with them...right in front of Xander, who was doing the same thing. It takes guts to do that right in front of the prince of an enemy nation, especially considering the fact that she's basically powerless at the moment.
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  • Harrison defending a captured Felicia from being executed with a heartfelt Declaration of Protection comes as this. Given what happened to him a few chapters ago, as well as his own guilt for not choosing a side at all, it's nice to see him succeed in saving another person again.
    Harrison: This isn't about being Nohrian or Hoshidan! Felicia is my friend, and if you want to kill her, you'll have to go through me first!
  • An army of trained soldiers will arrive at their doorstep any day, ready to plunder their resources and leave them to starve whether or not they fold under their power or not. Given this situation, what do the villagers of Hoiyoto do? Why, they choose to fight back, of course!
    • Harrison gets another one by introducing guns of all things to the villagers of Hoiyoto, giving them the advantage against the coming army. More impressive is how well he's able to reverse-engineer them, with the help of all the different craftspeople adding their input to make the idea work.
    • Related to the above, Ieyasu and his army were expecting either a docile village that will fold under their power and let them plunder their goods, or a mildly aggressive one whose combat skills are no match for an army of trained soldiers. What they got were eight very deadly guns, a group of skilled hunters, and an entire village ready to defend their village to the last man. And did we forget to mention Reina? Needless to say, the battle became very one-sided, very fast.
  • As much of a Tear Jerker as Daisuke's death was, you have to appreciate the fact that it was implied that it was only Daisuke who died. Meaning that against a small army of trained soldiers who are both better fed and better equipped compared to them, this small band of villagers has only a single major loss. Compare this to the number of dead and wounded men found on the battlefield after Ieyasu fled, and you'll see why it deserves a spot on this page.
    • It gets better. Remember those wounded soldiers? Well, with the help of both Murata and Reina, Harrison was able to convince them, in true Fire Emblem fashion, to abandon Ieyasu and join them instead. Their presumptive leader, Kenji explains his own story to Harrison a bit later, affirming his desire to fight for a just cause and for his country rather than his former lords' greed.
  • Chapter 38 sees Hoiyoto managing to recruit another village, Shibetsu, to their cause of fighting back the West Hoshidans; this is thanks in no small part to Harrison's firearms, but also to the mayor's granddaughter Mozu firing up their courage and unwillingness to be trod over.
  • Chapter 39 has multiple cases of it:
    • The alliance between Hoiyoto and Shibetsu pays off, with them organizing efficient correspondence thanks to Hare - a young girl who can communicate with crows - giving them a faster means of organizing themselves and forming a more solid militia; they even advance in the gunmaking and weapons training, further making warriors of the peasant villagers. This enables them to fight off a Nohrian troop, one led by a malig knight no less, without taking a single casualty, not hurt by some simple yet effective strategy getting past the commander's defences using wind magic to deflect the projectiles.
    • When the people of Hoiyoto show resistance to Harrison's genuine vow to give the dead Nohrians funeral rites, those in his corner argue against this - Kenji calls them on bnot living up to their rhetoric, and Mozu helps Harrison galvanise in them a desire to actively Turn the Other Cheek and pay unto others as they themselves would wish to be treated rather than perpetuating a Cycle of Revenge. This unity makes them not just better soldiers, but better people too.


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