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Tear Jerker / Earthborne

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  • Chapter 8 is the point where, after essentially breezing through the "Fates" world as it comes (if in a limited capacity) Harrison is thrown a hard curveball: a shifty-eyed guard who he'd noticed at the Northern Fortress has reported to Iago about him, concluding his story is a fabrication and that he's a Hoshidan spy. Once he's been left alone in the library by Leo, he's jumped by Iago and thrown right into prison without question - into the cell that Kaze and Rinkah were placed. The realization dawns that he's going to be forced to fight Corrin, with Garon watching, and the danger and horror of his situation sets in for the first time along with the sadness of what everyone will think of him... not helped by the fact that Rinkah is openly hostile to him without recourse and he's left without any of his new friends as support.
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  • Chapter 9 follows on from the above, with the additional whammy that when push comes to shove, Xander comes to believe his father and Iago's claims about Harrison and stands by as he fights for his life. Then he attacks him, Kaze and Rinkah and while Corrin stops her brother, Harrison's deep feelings of being betrayed leave him feeling numb to these actions. The chapter ends as he falls unconscious from Leo's Death Faked for You, with this ringing in his mind after having spent a rough night in prison.
  • When Harrison first meets Azura, she has heard of his claims about being from another world second-hand and, understandably, she assumes he's a fellow Vallite refugee. The conversation opens with her trying to press him to (carefully) admit to that, and when he realizes where her thoughts are he has to crush her hope that There Is Another. Adding to that his knowing more about what she's feeling than she could possibly know, and the whole thing is depressingly awkward between them.
  • Chapters 25-31:
    • Harrison, contemplating the real possibility that Corrin might side with one of her families over the other, deciding to write her a letter in case they end up no longer fighting on the same side. He goes to Sakura for help, and has to explain gently this possibility; the idea that her lost sister might abandon Hoshido, as well as the boy who Sakura (unbeknownst to said boy) is crushing on, clearly upsets the tender-hearted young princess, even as he tried to reassure her as best he can about it.
    • The above becomes worse when, two chapters later he has indeed left Sakura, due to not being able to fight Nohr alongside Corrin. Even from his perspective, the sad irony of the situation and how Sakura feels about it is not lost on Harrison.
    • Further, Harrison entrusts Sakura with the letter to Corrin as a show of his faith in her ability to get it to her since they are fighting together. As her segment in the first Interlude, later, shows Sakura is left feeling despondent and jealous that Harrison thought to write her sister a letter and not her... as well as scolding herself for feeling such negative things towards her loved ones. Poor girl's self-esteem is so bad she won't let herself be selfish, even thinking herself horrible for even entertaining such thoughts.
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  • The above is followed by Harrison having to kill a Hoshidan soldier, who mistook him for an enemy and attacked, in self-defence. The sheer horror, guilt and shame of this action (even to protect himself) is the beginning of a Heroic BSoD and brings him dangerously close to the Despair Event Horizon; it takes several chapters for him to tell someone what he did, and even after being reassured he still feels like a filthy person for it. This continues to stick even well after the fact, too, haunting him day in and out and feeding his self-doubt and blame for the events that came about as an indirect result of his actions
  • Interlude 1 has a few, besides the above Sakura:
    • Xander is left to reflect on the fact that he misses Harrison, something he didn't expect to feel as strongly given he's lost Corrin to Hoshido as well, and realizing how much he valued the friendship they had; Xander, growing up in a Deadly Decadent Court and by nature very shy as a boy could not easily connect with people, and the few friendships he had made prior always had his princely rank hanging over them. Harrison however never saw the class difference between them and treated Xander as an equal, a relieving experience, and he sorely misses that. Also counts as a Heartwarming moment.
    • Camilla is left listless and insecure over Corrin's decision, feeling that despite all she's done for Corrin - being as good a mother-figure and female role model as she could be, nurturing her into womanhood - her adopted sister chose the unrefined "tomboy" Hinoka over her. On top of how her family in general is coping, with Xander supporting Elise, more than expected given his own becoming withdrawn on the Corrin matter, being the one bright spot to it all.
    • Takumi, for all that he's unjustifiably paranoid about Harrison (even after he saved Mikoto's life), is shown to be in the early stages of Anankos' praying on his mind - exacerbating his mistrust of Corrin and Azura and his inferiority complex, highlighting how much he seeks out validation. Not that this justifies hoping Harrison is dead of course, but still...
  • The death of Daisuke, via poisoned arrow in Chapter 36. It offsets the fact that Hoiyoto just won a victory against the rebel army trying to extort and/or kill them, and Harrison feels responsible for it because he galvanized them to fight thanks to introducing guns. Worse still, it earns him Hiro, the best friend of Daisuke's lasting ire and when his squarely blaming Harrison doesn't fly with Murata or anyone else (openly), he furiously storms out and abandons his home. Yet another burden for Harrison to carry, to the point that he tells Murata that he should have let Hiro kill him.
  • Chapter 37 is a post-battle aftermath, as the highs and lows of the day set in. Harrison solemnly renews his resolve to do better by everyone in Daisuke's memory, as the funeral emphasizes Hoiyoto's loss of a well-regarded member of the community.

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