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  • Every Confidential that involves James Corden. That's right, BOTH of them!
    • "Open All Hours", the one for "Closing Time", has Matt randomly deciding to go for an Almost Kiss, and apparently filming until 4 am makes the actors all loopy, because Matt, talking in character, films James, while warning him about miniaturized Daleks in the house. And then goes and uses the toy Dalek to knock over other toys and then attacks his face while they sing the theme song.
      • In that same episode, Matt holding a baby and singing the Itsy-Bitsy Spider to it, then suddenly stopping to stare accusingly at the camera. And toss in some Adorkable too, because Matt doesn't seem to know the words to the song.
      The itsy weensy spider, climbing up the wall where dee doo de doo.
  • When John Simm admits that he actually liked the women's clothes he wore in "The End of Time".
    • The episode for "Last of the Time Lords" has David Tennant talking about how emotionally difficult playing the Master's death was. Then John Simm says (facetiously) all he remembers is Tennant's stubble in his eye. "His big manly Doctor Who chin."
  • Whenever Karen, Arthur & Matt talk to each other. Admit it, it's true.
    • Matt Smith and Karen Gillan's rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" with Arthur Darvill on piano.
  • What is Arthur Darvill's biggest fear? KILLER WHALES COMING UP HIS TOILET!
  • Between Matt Smith and Karen Gillan- the birth of a whole new Doctor Who Legend: "One Universe. One Doctor. One Hamster."
  • River Song's segment of the episode "When Time Froze" when she recounts her killing Silents.
    Did I mention I was kickass with a gun? No-one kidnaps me and gets away with it...
  • Charlie the badger.
  • Karen showing everybody that Matt scribbled "Wide Load" in the seat of her set chair. By all accounts, Karen is the Butt-Monkey of the trio.
    • It's so funny that one of the camera men can actually be heard laughing!
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  • "I'm not big on cats, traditionally" says David Tennant over footage of him cuddling a kitten and refusing to put it down.
  • Matt ends up covering his hand in tea during this particular clip.