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  • Gunnar the Zombie Viking gives us too much information:
    Sam: One at a time, men! There's plenty of bloodbath for all!
    Gunnar: You talk nonsense, Samuel! There is barely enough blood here to wash my armpits!
    Sam: (giving a thumbs up) Good to know, Gunnar! Gross, but good to know!
  • Clara's reaction when brought back to life: Several straight panels of freaking out and screaming that culminate with this:
    Clara: I can't vomit, can I?
    Bernie: No...
    Clara: Shit!
    Bernie: That either.
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  • The "Dye After You Die" Club - no matter what hair color you had in life, it's gonna go white upon becoming a Vigil. Poor Clara's "oh MAN..." face as this happens pretty much says it all.
  • Slippery Simon goes from standard villain banter to trying to get James's attention while the latter is discussing tactics with Marlene.
  • "Blink once for yes, twice for no. No, really, any eye will do."
  • Clara accidentally convincing her roommate that she's joined a cult when she starts moving into the Vigil's house.
  • Clara walking in on Bernie rocking out and singing along to Nightwish. Bernie's Oh, Crap! face when she realises she has an audience is a picture.
    Clara: I can come back if you like. Y'know, give you a chance to catch your breath...maybe superglue your dignity back together.
    Bernie: Please Clara. If my sense of humour can teach you anything, it's that dignity is worthless when compared to a simple smile. That...and I am way past the point of superglue.
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  • Bernie totally screwing with Sam when she resurrects his physical body by convincing him he'll come back buck naked.
  • Mia, an Eldritch Abomination, still acts like a young teen girl who really wants to see her boyfriend while Sam is delaying just to bug her.
    Sam: Just say it! "Please, Sam, I want to see James."
    Mia: Sam...I can actually literally eat you!
    Sam: Aaand then he opens the Veil.
  • Clara's former roommate calls.
    Clara: Jane thinks I'm in a cult and wants to do an intervention!
    Marlene: Lemme talk to her. [Takes phone] Sister Clara must go now. Great Brother has summoned her to mind exercises. [Hands phone back to shell-shocked Clara] Well, now that that's done wanna go see a movie?
    • Clara later getting her revenge by photobombing Marlene's attempts to take a picture of Bernie.
    • Later, when things get really crazy, Clara calls up Jane. After some receiving of important info, Clara finally explains what's been going on.
      Jane: Please! What's going on?
      Clara: Okay, real quick. Jon killed me! I was brought back by the Grim Reaper, who is a very nice lady. I joined her group of immortal warriors and am now fighting interdimensional monsters and the people who control them!
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  • A Running Gag throughout the series is Sam's annoyance over Necromancers stripping off their shirts when going into battle. However issue 5 takes the cake when, as Allistor and Mia are about to join the battle between the Vigil and the Pale Court in the heart of New York City, Sam responds to Allistor's Bad Ass Boast upon unleashing Mia and removing his shirt to bare his tattoos with yet another quip. Bonus points for being the last line of dialogue in the issue.
  • Gunnar and his crew yet again in the final battle, when James calls them "D.P.S."note  Gunnar is, understandably, confused, until James explains it as "Kill as many as you can, as fast as you can." Cue vikings running into battle chanting "D.P.S.!" as a battle-cry.
    Sam: Damn it, James! You broke my Vikings!
  • Bernie, Mia, and Heinrich share a Group Hug, and Bernie apologizes to him for her part of destroying their friendship, and a bit taken aback he accepts the apology. Then Mia smacks him across the back and Heinrich begrudgingly apologizes as well.
  • The fact that Bernie had to chase James for fourteen city blocks when she tried to recruit him for the Vigil. The mental image of a Grim Reaper pumping her legs as she is chasing a screaming ghost of a teenager is pretty amusing.

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