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  • Awesome Art: Stjepan Sejic trades out his earlier ultra-detailed style for more fluid, expressive work, which results in some of the best facial illustrations in comics.
  • Cult Classic: Its sales are so low that Sunstone's runaway preorder success is the only reason Sejic can afford to keep working on it... but pretty much everyone who has bought it has had nothing but good things to say about it.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Throughout the story, it's emphasized that Sam hasn't figured out his veilripper's special ability, so while the others can do clever things with them, all he's able to do his bash stuff. However as he lies dying after being stabbed by Wulf we see one of Sam's two most treasured memories. It's of a moment with his father; Sam as a young boy wants to help him dig, but his father says he needs to be stronger before he can use them. Prior to this, when the group is incapacitated by Wulf ambushing them with a pack of Banshees we see a brief glimpse of this same memory, fueling Sam powering through multiple Banshee attacks in an attempt to stop Wulf. The veilrippers draw on its wielders' most powerful memories, and Sam's most powerful memory is of his father telling him he's not quite strong enough to use his tools. Sam being The Big Guy Determinator is his special power. This has been confirmed by Word of God.
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  • Ho Yay: Lana has a bit of this going for Clara.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Although the first series is only an eight-issue limited, the strong character dynamics and chemistry between the various leads have already introduced a bit of this, with most putting Sam in the middle of Bernie and Clara. Fans of Sam/Bernie see his relationship with Clara as more of a big brother/little sister dynamic, and note the unusual concern Bernie has for Sam's well-being in comparison to the rest of her Knights. By contrast, those pulling for Sam/Clara see Bernie as much more of a motherly figure. The fact that some of Seijic's artwork on his DeviantArt page often depicts gags about shipping between characters in other franchises (as well as his own work on Sunstone) probably contributes more than its share to the debate of whether there is or isn't anything between the various characters.
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  • Ugly Cute: Mia's typically just cute period, but much fun is had on Sejic's DeviantArt page making her more monstrous aspects look utterly adorable, like [[ a one-off gag]] with James about her hair being replaced by tentacles after feeding.


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