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  • Gravelings taking the day off. Cut to scene of Gravelings taking what could be best described as a smoke break. They then spend the rest of the day harassing the Reapers. Roxy said it best...
    Roxy: Don't they have something better to do on their day off?
  • The scene in episode 3 where Roxy talks to Mason about getting a pet bird.
    Roxy: I'm gonna get a bird.
    Mason: Don't get a bird.
    Roxy: Why not?
    Mason: Because they're weird. Man, I can't relate to a bird. They're so far removed, and got different... chromosomes. And they come from eggs.
    Roxy: They got faces.
    Mason: So do cockroaches. ... What're you gonna do with a bird?
    Roxy: Stick it in a cage and feed it, what do you think I'm gonna do with it?
    Mason: Well I think you should at least get one you can eat.
    Roxy: I'm gonna get a friend. I'm not gonna eat my friend!
    Mason: They have brains the size of pistachios, it's not smart enough to be a friend.
    Roxy: You don't know what you're talking about. I saw this special on PBS called Animal Miracles, and they did a dramatic reenactment about a guy being robbed and he had a parrot or a cockatoo or something, and that bird lost its shit when its owner was attacked. It opened up its cage—
    Mason: Why would you put a bird in a cage if it can open the door?
    Roxy: Where else are you gonna put it?! It opened up its cage and went crazy. Pet stabbed the robber's eyes, scratched his face up like he was Tippi Hedren or some shit, and don't you tell me that's not friendship.
    Mason: How big was his parrot?
    Roxy: I don't know, parrot size.
    Mason: Well, a parrot can't take on a full grown man unless that man is a big pussy.
    Roxy: I didn't say the parrot won. The robber stabbed it with a fork and killed its owner. The bird's dead.
    Mason: So why are you getting a bird?
    Roxy: It's not about homeland security you stupid motherfucker, I'm gonna get a friend!
    Mason: Jesus.
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  • Also for Season 2 Episode "The Ledger" when Roxy shoots Mason.
  • "Herbig, as in 'Her Big Fat Ass.'" Hell, let's face it, nearly every Geroge snark is gold.
  • Mason. Betty. Car. Personality quiz.
    Betty: Do you consider yourself exceptionally reasonable or exceptionally kind?
    Mason: Exceptionally kind.
    Betty gives him a confused look.
  • Mason casually beating the shit out of a meter to get the change inside. It fails horribly.
  • Rube trying to placate a large crowd of reaps with the same cause of death—a malfunctioning exercise machine blew holes in their stomachs.
  • "Last Call": Mason gets his 'assigment' written on a purple post-it note instead of a usual yellow one and decides that this must mean this is his last soul to reap. So he spends all his money and says goodbye to everyone. He finds the guy he has to reap and explains him what to do as a Reaper. They then both go swimming in the lake during a thunderstorm. Next day, we see Mason, presumably struck with lighting, sitting with the gang in Der Waffle Haus. Rube's reason for giving Mason a purple note? "The store has run out of the yellow ones." He then proceeds to assign everybody with purple notes.
  • Rube, sitting in an airport with Mason, has to endure a shrieking baby with its mother, sitting nearby. After a little while of putting up with this, he gets up and spouts one of the great lines of the series:
    Mason: Where are you going?
    • Even better, after Rube and Mason are taken and then cleared by the TSA (Mason due to a rectum full of drugs, and Rube because a horrified onlooker reported his comment, despite his trying to brush it off as a joke), he returns to his seat (and the baby), gives it a few seconds... and then repeats his comment in the exact same tone of voice.
  • George is attempting to break into a house but is failing. In the midst of her frustrated outburst a very high Mason (by means of a burst condom full of drugs in his colon) walks straight into the locked door, falls back and lands on the ground, and a spare key which had been hidden on the door frame is dislodged and lands on his crotch. He then tearfully delivers the line:
    Mason: It landed on my wank... My wank is the key.
  • George is being held up by her team after winning the bowling tournament for them:
    George: (voiceover) I felt something I had never felt before - a hand on my ass. Who the hell was cupping my ass? Probably that perv from IS. (looks at Delores) Oh, god, I hope it was that perv from IS...
  • George's flashback of when her mother taught her to ride a bike when she was a kid. Her mother is smiling happily when George yells the usual "I'm doing it! I'm doing it!" and stands back to watch her ride off into the distance. George then yells "And I'm not coming back!".
    • Doubles as a bit of a Tear Jerker when you see the slightly pained (mixed with confusion) expression on her mother's face. It's hard not to feel bad for her when she looks like that, considering her more recent history, and the way her daughters treated her at times.
  • Daisy, Mason and George trying to explain to a crazy elderly woman that she has died. They resort to acting out a scenario in which Mason plays her husband and Daisy plays her daughter. George pauses the scene to point out "Your husband- WILLIAM. Your daughter- BETH." When told his "wife" is dead, Mason asks "Dead? Your mother? DEAD? Nina, sitting right there? Dead? Woe is us! Woe is me! Just wooooe! Really fucking dead?"
  • When George gets on Rube's shit-list. She arrives at their table, and Rube instantly starts to leave, prompting George to ask if he doesn't like her any more.
    Rube: Not right this minute. You're a constipator, Peanut. You disturb my shit, and that's annoying.
  • Crystal the receptionist has a boyfriend. Really.
  • George Eating the Eye Candy (meaning her co-worker Brennan).
    I wanna eat your face! I wanna rip off your skin, turn them into pajamas and wear them to bed!
  • In the first episode, George's first visit to the waffle house has a few funny moments, such as this gem of a line from Betty. Keep in mind that she's saying this in front of the waitress.
    Betty: I'm not staying. I've got an appointment downtown. *looks concerned* I hope it's not another dead hooker...
  • The scene where Roxy tries to stab Mason because he tried to steal a hash brown from her plate. Mason comments "I've never seen such violence over such small potatoes!" Rube tells him that was almost clever. Mason completely fails to get it - either he doesn't know that hash browns are made from potato or he doesn't know what the expression "small potatoes" means - and Rube gives up on trying to explain.
    • A similar thing happens in a later episode:
      Mason: That dollar could be part of the free Mason fund.
      George: Freemason? Good one.
      Mason: I don't get it.
  • Reggie scares a couple trying to buy their house by saying George was murdered there.
    (door closes startling the couple) That's the wind.
  • Roxy's way of dealing with a belligerent man arguing with her over a parking ticket.
    Roxy: Sir, I'm gonna say this as politely as possible: I will fuck you up.
  • Roxy dealing with an enraged man who refuses to take her parking ticket. She tries to be reasonable with him, but he touches and threatens her... leading her to rip his soul out of his body and threaten him right back. What's hilarious is the horrified expression on his soul's face, whilst his body just stands motionless and slack-jawed.
  • Any of Daisy's casual, incredibly blunt one-liners, usually having to do with her sex life.
    Daisy: I knew someone in the props department.
    Mason: Don't you mean you blew someone in the props department?
    Daisy: Knew, blew, tomato, tomahto.
  • Roxy running Mason over as he tries to steal from a parking meter.
  • Also, Roxy shooting Mason in the leg. In the middle of Der Waffle House. During breakfast rush. The hilarious reactions of the patrons, who simply look, then go back to their breakfast without a beat, is matched only by Daisy and George not reacting at all, and carrying on their conversation like nothing happened, whilst a pained Mason slips under the table.
  • Mason tries to convince Rube to tell a guy that he can't attend his own funeral:
    Rube: Tell him the rules, Mason. No funerals.
    Mason: I've tried that, Rube. The thing is—
    Rube: The thing is what, Mason?
    Mason: You know — that thing. Um, you're good at that... thing that you can... you're better at... um... just.. you know — you know... talking.
    Rube: Well said.
  • Rube attempting to tell Daisy and Mason a joke about two guys walking into a bar, before the two begin asking questions about the joke's logic, leading an exasperated Rube to just abandon the joke altogether.
    Mason: C'mon, two guys walk into a bar and then... what?
  • Dolores, frantically worrying about her cat's medical emergency, waits about 3 seconds before impatiently pulling out a taser and zapping a smarmy douchebag harassing George as the two of them are trying to rush off to the vet's office. It is unexpected, glorious, and hilarious.
  • When Clancy and Joy are trying to help Reggie search for their lost dog while simultaneously dealing with their rocky marriage. Clancy suggests "Maybe we should split up", to which Joy bitterly replies he better get one hell of a lawyer. Clancy exasperatedly clarifies he meant to search for the dog. "Oh...... that's a good idea!"

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