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  • In "Dead Girl Walking", Mason has the bright idea of getting cash by stealing Roxy's key to the parking meters and getting the coins out of them. But this crowning moment belongs to Roxy; during a conversation between Mason and George while stealing from said meters, Roxy busts into the conversation by ramming into Mason with her car. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • You want to know how badass Roxy can be? In another episode, a guy she gave tickets to starts to get physically violent. Then Roxy actually pulls his soul out of his body to show him that he really should not to fuck with her, before putting him back in.
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  • Rube busting up Daisy's attempt to start up business as a medium by calling the cops (really the Plague Division, which has nothing else to do that night), threatening to get her transferred again if she tries any more of that shit, and then abandoning her in the house tied to a chair as a more short-term punishment.
  • Another for Rube. While he and several others are waiting in an hour-long line in the post office, a woman cuts in to stand next to a friend. Cue "The Reason You Suck" Speech of a one-shot character lifetime.
    Rube: I have a question for you... is everyone in this line an asshole?
  • Dolores, frantically worrying about her cat's medical emergency, waits about 3 seconds before impatiently pulling out a taser and zapping a smarmy douchebag harassing George as the two of them are trying to rush off to the vet's office. It is unexpected, glorious, and hilarious.
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  • Awesome Music: "Nomah's Land" by Metisse at the end of "The Shallow End" episode. Pairs nicely with church stained glass, holy lights, and time lapse shots of clouds moving across a sunrise.

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