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  • "Okay, who let a fluffy?!"
    • "Is that like a pootie?"
  • One sketch consists of nothing but Space Ghost, Zorak, and Brak repeatedly shouting the word "pants". It turns out to be a paid message from "the Pants-Wearing Citzens of America".
  • One particular "Nugget of Joy" section laced with Blatant Lies
    Zorak: Once, there was a very nice green mantis whose name was…err, his name is not really important. So anyways, one day while Space Gh-while somebody was taking a nap, this mantis borrowed the Phantom Cruiser and took it for a little spin. I-uh, he was making a loop around the Crab Nebula-also known as Dead Man’s Curve-when this stinkin’ salvage vehicle comes out of nowhere and blindsides me! Err, him! No turn signal! Nothing! Sheesh!
    Space Ghost: Hold it! Did you swipe the Phantom Cruiser during my nappy time?
    Zorak: Swipe? I borrowed it. I was bringing it back.
    Space Ghost: And you cracked it up?!
    Zorak: Cracked it up? Nooo…I wouldn’t say that. It’s more like, uh…I DEMOLISHED IT!
    Zorak: Hey, you’ve got spacecraft insurance, right?
    Zorak: Uh, hang on I’ll check my coverage-
    {Zorak screams as Space Ghost zaps him.}
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  • One segment featuring a familiar guest star
    Zorak: Hey you! Hey! Mack!
    Space Ghost: To whom are you addressing?
    Zorak: I’m addressing you, Chief. Come on over here, I’ll punch your lights out for ya!
    SG: What?
    Zorak: Come on, come on. Put ‘em up! Put ‘em up! Put ‘em up! Come on, roll that loose caboose on over! I’ll give it a swift kick!
    SG: Maybe I don’t feel like it.
    Zorak: Maybe ‘cuz you’re chicken! {He makes bawking sounds.}
    SG: Stop it.
    Zorak: Make me!
    SG: {snidely} You’re already made and what a mess! Ha ha ah-ha!
    Brak: What are you guys arguing about?
    Zorak: Stay out of it, totem pole! I’ll hit ya so hard, you’ll grow old bouncing!
    Brak: What?
    Zorak: I’ll smack ya so hard your grandkids’ll have headaches!
    Brak: They will not!
    Zorak: Will too!
    Brak: Shut up!
    Zorak: Make me.
    Brak: Make yourself, if you feel like it.
    Zorak: What if I don’t want to?!
    Brak: Then you don’t have to! Have a nice day!
    Zorak: You’re so stupid, you can’t even argue!
    Brak: [What sounds like “You tickle/giggle over!”]
    Zorak: What the-
    SG: Alright, settle down!
    Brak: He started it!
    SG: {through gritted teeth} Well, I’m ending it.
    Zorak: Hey, put a sock in it, Porky!
    SG: Alright, that’s it! {He readies his power band.}
    Zorak: I ain’t afraid of your little popgun!
    SG: {humored} Is that right?
    Zorak: Yeah, that’s right. Come on, Myrtle! Give me your best shot!
    Brak: {despaired} Oh my goodness! What are we arguing about?! Look at what we’ve become!
    SG: {He sighs.} Brak’s right. We’re acting as grouchy as we do on that other show.
    Cut to Moltar in his control room.
    Moltar: Ah, quit your whining, Space Joke.
    Zorak: [surprised] Moltar? What are you doing here? You’re not on this show!
    Brak: You’re not allowed!
    Moltar: This is Space Ghost Coast to Coast?
    Brak: It most certainly is not!
    Moltar: Well, the way you guys were ripping into each other, I figured that, uh, hey-
    Brak: You figured wrong! Get your grubby self out of here!
    Moltar: Oh, buzz off, motormouth!
    Zorak: Hey, rustbucket! Stop picking on Brak!
    SG: All of you, go to your rooms NOW!
    Zorak leaps out of his prisoner pod and hops offscreen.
    Moltar: Bunch of sissy boys. {He walks offscreen.}
    Brak: I can’t go to my room. I’m not animated to do that!
    SG: Well, just sit there and…sit there.
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  • The "I'm not animated to explode" bit. Especially this part;
    Space Ghost: Brak, if you don't stop doing that annoying...whatever it is you're doing, I'm going to blast Zorak!
    (Zorak's eyes widen)
    Brak: I don't believe you!
    Space Ghost: (Amused) You don't?
    Brak: No, I don't!
    Zorak: Believe him! Believe him! Gaaaaah! (Gets blasted)
  • All of the "Brak's Comedy Gold" skits, due to Brak's case of Anti-Humor and due to Brak laughing uproariously to all of his own jokes.
    Brak: Why did the boy throw his clock out the window? Because he didn't like his clock!
  • The Opening theme to Zorak's Helpful Hints, which ironically were anything but:
    Zorak: Got a problem? I'm listening...
    Space Ghost: The kids at school don't like me...
    Brak: My girlfriend says I smell!
    Space Ghost: The teacher says I'm lazy...
    Brak: Sometimes, I wanna yell!
    Chorus:Zorak, can you help me?!
    Zorak: Sure, kid. Tell me all about it. Now what's the problem?
    Space Ghost: This mask is really itchy...
    Brak: My underwear's too tight!
    Space Ghost: No one understands me...
    Zorak: Yeah, right.
    • One Helpful Hints segment has a kid saying they didn't want to do homework. Zorak responds by bluntly noting that the kid will probably drop out of school and have to work a terrible job. This gets the kid to reconsider.
  • Any segment where Zorak exposed Space Ghost talking in his sleep, which consisted of non-sequitors, even upon waking up!
    • One time, Space Ghost turned the tables on him and caught him talking in his sleep, which had him shouting out catchphrases like "I pity the foo'!" and "Dy-no-MITE!" before Space Ghost blasted him awake.
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  • Many of their songs are CMOF, such as Highway 40, It Smells Like Cartoon Planet and I Love Almost Everybody, which has a sampling of Elvis Presley's Love Me Tender!
  • The ending to the "Fight the Power Bands" rap:
    Brak: So be real good with all your might!
    Space Ghost: You hearin' me, son?
    Brak: 'Cause Santa Claus is comin' tonight!
    Zorak: (speaking) What does that have to do with anything?!
    Brak: (speaking, sounding really braying) I like Santy Claus!!!
  • One of the "Mail Bag Day" segments apparently reveal that Space Ghost doesn't have ears.
  • The song "Ordinary Day on Cartoon Planet", with its nonsensical lyrics;
    Space Ghost: (Grunts rhythmically) A meteor done flattened Chester's pickup truck today
    Zorak: Aliens from Planet 9 abducted Ellie Mae
    Brak: Grandma's robot's on the blink, he just ate our dog Blue!
    Space: Ghost And Grandpa's outside howlin' to the moon
    Space Ghost, Zorak, Brak: It's an ordinary day on Cartoon Planet / Cousin Kenny's married to this good ol' gal from Mars / She's sixteen heads and three legs and loves to eat cigars / The particle transformer's somehow lost old Uncle Fred / And a satellite just fell on Grandpa's head / It's an ordinary day on Cartoon Planet!
    Space Ghost: Drive safely, y'all!
    Zorak: Yee-haw.
  • At one point Zorak complains about the inaccuracy of a passage stating that Hungary is next to Turkey and Greece. However, while he is right (Hungary is located more than 1000 miles away from either nation), his reasoning is that the statement cannot be correct because you can't be hungry if you're standing near turkey and grease.

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