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Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so all spoilers below are unmarked!

  • For Aussies, the initial holder of the Vanguard Asterisk is named "Dag"—a slang insult in Australia—and the fact it borders on Meaningful Name just adds to the humour of it.
  • The Freelancer's Special has the user bashing the enemy with a sword before finishing them off with a swinging attack...that the user recklessly lets go of their sword and turns it into a projectile by accident.
  • Adelle gets very excited to try out the silversmelt dish and takes it very seriously when the innkeeper needs a wolf to get taken down so that butter can be used to make the dish.
    • Seth repeatedly warns her not to look at the actual silversmelt prior cooking it because it's gross-looking, but she brushes him off even when she's offered to look at it. Cue her screaming off-screen.
      Adelle: EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! (retch) What the heck is THAT?! (retch) Wait... are those its EYES?! It's looking at me! STOP LOOKING AT MEEEEEEEEE!!!!
  • Asterisks have been known to give the holder flashy clothing to reflect the profession in previous entries. Here? Taking an Asterisk from its original Asterisk holder now literally means stripping them down of their outfits. While some do wear normal outfits, Orpheus doesn't wear more than just a white shirt and shorts.
  • The party is brought to Anihal's home where she presents them to her pets, which are literally monsters she dotes on. Given the fact she's one of Bernard's henchmen, when she says it's time for her pets to "din-din," the party understandably believes she lured them all to get eaten by her monsters...except she feeds them food instead, much to the party's relief.
    Seth: [thinking] (Better not tell her I was worried we were the 'din-dins'...)
  • During one of the sidequests, and during a flashback, we see how Adelle and Elvis met. During which she accuses him of having an...interest in feet.
    • On top of essentially accusing Elvis of having a foot fetish, the flashback starts with Adelle throwing away shoes that barely fit her feet...and dinging poor Elvis on the back of his head. Elvis, being, well, Elvis, predictably attempts his tried-and-true trick of getting someone to buy him drinks as remunerations.
  • An NPC at Savalon's entrance relates his misfortunes with Savalon flooding and destroying his house and how he tries to laugh it all off, even considering how his wife left him.
  • In a party chat, the party is disturbed by Castor acting so overly friendly, after he had been criticizing them all for being commoners unlike Gloria before their fight against Orpheus.
  • Elvis and Roddy take shots at each other with Roddy egging Elvis on missing details about people and Elvis making fun of the fact Roddy was possessed into making blue paint.
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  • Some of Emma's notes comment on when she first got Elvis as a student:
    Emma: On the first day, he set his hair on fire. On the second day, he set his clothes on fire. Heaven knows what'll be going up in smoke next.
  • The side quest "Leading by Example" has an exasperated Lily trying to keep her husband Roddy from overworking himself for Wiswald. Even as Seth goes around checking up on others, Roddy repeatedly sneaks out of bed to check on them himself anyway, leading to Lily scolding him just as many times.
    • By the second time, he has the audacity to tell this to a fellow wizard worker:
      Roddy: And remember—don't overdo it. There's nothing to be gained from pushing yourself too hard!
      Lily: (coming in) Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Come on, you. Back to bed!
      • Lily later reveals that Roddy is such a stickler to being a perfectionist that he had overworked himself trying to make the perfect wedding for Lily that he ended up getting sick. The poor guy paid for two weddings in the end.
      • Elvis comments that Roddy was even such a workaholic around Lady Emma that she instructed him to be at home for a week and not think about doing any work. She had to make sure Roddy wasn't reading books under his bed sheet.
  • Adelle happily stuffing Gwilym into her bag whenever he tries to say something important. She completely brushes him off when she shouldn't.
  • During a mid-game quest in Rimedhal, Elvis asks Adelle to recommend some local cuisine, to which she responds that roasted snow elk is a favorite of hers. Elvis asks the innkeeper for some, only to be told that all the snow elk in the area has been chased off, and all they have is alp swine. Elvis, visibly disgusted, tries to convince the party that they shouldn't commemorate their visit with something so "basic". Seth doesn't understand what Elvis is trying to say, and Adelle is getting fed up with Elvis tip-toeing around the fact that he doesn't like alp swine. Eventually Elvis gives up, sounding like he would rather die than eat alp swine.
  • Another Rimedhal sidequest has Adelle figure out a fun activity to do with Gloria. It turns out Gloria had a fondness for painting, so Adelle proposes a paint-off to get their mind off things. While Adelle is a Graceful Loser when it turns out Gloria is the better painter, she takes offense to everyone thinking her art is terrible. The player gets to see both paintings from each side; while Adelle's version of Seth isn't that bad and wouldn't look out of place in an early Kirby game, her idea for a frozen lake landscape painting has the entire lake surrounded by greenery. The utter disassociation with the actual scenery being painted causes Seth to wonder if the painting is supposed to be abstract.
    • Then there is the in-game description for Adelle's second "portrait":
      "Proof positive that not everyone is a natural artist. Perhaps time and space were a little warped that day?"
  • The 'One Way of Winning' event scene that follows the quest to get a Divine Rod from Roddy. It's nothing but a massive soliloquy by Vigintio as he proceeds to chew the scenery until there's nothing left to bite. While his Laughing Mad attitude can be creepy, it can also be glorious in all the ham it creates as he denounces Lady Emma and talks about how he's truly the greatest wizard ever. This lasts for about 4 minutes.
  • When the party finds out that the must destroy the book Elvis carries around to ensure the Night's Nexus doesn't get to come back and Adelle suggests setting it on fire, Elvis sheepishly reveals that he had already tried that once when he was cold and stupidly tossed it into the fire. It did not catch fire and remained pristine.
  • All of the characters have a set of unique voice clips that plays after their special attack cinematic. One of Elvis's is him laughing boastfully. It's fitting if you've just blasted an enemy with a powerful attack; but if you have him in the White Mage job, he'll let out an honest to god maniacal laugh when all he did was heal the party.
  • One of Gloria's victory quotes asks if Sir Sloan is watching. This can play after defeating Sloan's ghost.
  • When you initiate the Bonus Boss fight with Gwydion, Seth reacts with utter amazement at the splendor of seeing a dragon. Except he's seen Gwydion before. A minimum of twice, in fact. He got to ride on Gwilym's back, too. This, in addition to the way Seth's voice actor sells the line, plus the wording note , makes the line cross heavily into narm territory.


  • The A Brave New Battle Trailer has the narrator promote the benefits of Defaulting and Braving, except she gets exasperated that the player is recklessly Braving without Defaulting after explaining how to fight properly.


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