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An unidentified object leaves a trail of radiation over Montana and lands across the border in Canada. Tom Taylor and his team are dispatched by the US Government to investigate what looks like a terrorist act, but instead find a Cold War relic with global implications.

Pioneer One is a 6 episode American web series from 2010 produced by Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith. It is notable for being funded entirely by donations from the public, with the pilot episode raising $7,485 on Kickstarter.

All 6 episodes are available to watch for free on the official website.


This show provides examples of:

  • Bittersweet Ending: Jane is killed, and Yuri is taken by Russian operatives. Taylor is forced to resign but is not indicted and his connections get him a name connected to the Soviet's Mars program. He and Walzer set off for Ukraine to find Yuri.
  • Reality Ensues: After spending weeks in close proximity to a nuclear battery, Yuri develops cancer throughout his body. He is also allergic to all Earth matter and has Osteoporosis because he was born on Mars.
  • Sequel Hook: At the end of episode 6, there is a short teaser of Taylor and Walzer in Ukraine and walking towards a launch pad.
  • What If?: what if the Soviets' space program wasn't aiming for the Moon, but for Mars?

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