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Trivia / Bravely Default II

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  • Actor Allusion: Allan Corduner voices Gwydion in the English dub. He has history voicing almighty dragons in Square-Enix properties.
  • Fan Nickname: When discussing the fight against Prince Castor, people tend to call the boss "Berserker", after their Asterisk, likely to avoid spoiling their identity.
  • Release Date Change: Initially slated to come out sometime in 2020, the game's release was later shifted to February 26th, 2021.
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  • Talking to Himself: In both English and Japanese, the four protagonists share their respective voices with their chosen crystals.
  • Troubled Production: According to the game's producers, the COVID-19 pandemic caused development for the game to slow down significantly, as the team struggled with the unexpected shift to a remote work environment.


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