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  • Near the end of Waluigi's trailer, Wario and Waluigi face down Mario and Luigi... the latter inexplicably wearing Princess Peach's dress. The music stops as Mario turns around, stares at Luigi, then turns back around without doing anything.
  • In the reveal trailer for 4.0BC, as Elliot begins talking about the new costumes, on-screen you can see someone clicking into the Brawl Minus folder and selecting "Textures". Inside is another folder saying "Just kidding they aren't here". Inside are more folders: "This is the music folder I swear", "keep clicking buddy" and eventually "I wonder if this joke is getting old?"
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  • Fox's Final Smash. The Landmaster is replaced by Master Hand.
  • Later, during Mewtwo's trailer, Mewtwo's tagline reads: "Mewtwo Strikes Back! (Again!)"
  • The very concept of the mod, to make everyone absolutely broken, is pretty funny.
  • This mod takes the liberty of putting voice clips in hilarious places. Example: Snake's "Nom nom nom… Tasty." and Captain Falcon's "YESZ!!!" But by far Peach's forward throw takes the cake. "This is fun! *slap*"

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