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Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so all spoilers below are unmarked!

  • Adam's fight scenes with Sloan and later the Lord of Dragons are very well animated, and really showcase his power in an intimidating way.
  • At the end of the prologue, Sir Sloan duels Adam to the death in order to cover the party's escape. It all culminates in Sloan using a sacrificial move to destroy the cliff and prevent Adam and his forces from pursuing Gloria.
    Adam: How can you hope to defeat me?
    Sir Sloan: I am a Hero of Light... no longer... And merely in facing you... I have already won...
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  • When the party encounters Folie in her underground lair, she starts explaining what she was able to accomplish using her "talent" and the power of the Asterisk. Everyone is understandably shocked and horrified... except Elvis. Even Adelle is taken aback at how blasé he's acting about everything, until she notices that he's seething in rage. His voice actor's delivery just makes his Tranquil Fury all the more awesome.
    Elvis: Oh, I'm fine. I've just realised something is all. That thing they say about pure rage making people strangely calm? It's true.
  • Seth, Adelle, and Gloria all have pretty awesome moments when they go speak with Arch Bishop Domenic after witnessing the Judgement. Seth, who throughout the story has been an even-tempered and polite young man, comes out swinging by bluntly asking Domenic what in the world just happened, the latter's position be damned. He doesn't believe Domenic's religious justification for a second, calling it insane. Despite Elvis's attempts to keep things civil, Adelle steps up and tells Domenic that Rimedhal's crusade against suspected fairies is a waste of time, and not what the Lord of Dragons even wants. When Domenic explains that prayers made to the Lord of Dragons is the only reason the citizens of Rimedhal can live comfortably in the middle of a frozen wasteland, Gloria sees right through it, knowing full well it's really the power of the Fire Crystal.
    Gloria: Come now. I think we all know it was another power that thawed the frosts.
    Domenic: And what do you mean by that?.
    Gloria: Precisely what I say.
    Domenic: .........
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  • After the party defeats Helio and Gladys in the Jaws of Judgement, Adelle has had enough of being diplomatic and forces Gladys to look at the sea of corpses at the bottom of the canyon. Bear in mind that, even stripped of her Asterisk, Gladys is still a very muscular woman with a huge sword, and Adelle is a skinny little waif who barely reaches the former's shoulders.
  • Gladys gets a pretty good Dying Moment of Awesome. She may have been responsible for countless deaths, but she honestly thought she was doing the right thing and tries her best to redeem herself. She easily knocks aside multiple Holograders and had been doing so for a while; the only reason she falls in the war against Holograd is because one of her own allies stabs her in the back out of revenge. And despite that, with Gladys nearly too weak to stand, woozy from blood loss, and weakened from all the fighting, she gets up and attacks Helio, who decided to stop by and gloat as Gladys was dying. And when she misses a slash, she throws all pretense aside and just shoulder-checks him, bringing both to the ground and causing Helio to lose his grip on the Fire Crystal. This action seals Helio's fate, allowing Gladys to avenge her family in her dying throes. But that's not enough; she recognizes the Fire Crystal as what Gloria was after and, all in one final attempt to atone, drags herself through a frozen active war zone, making it all the way back to Rimedhal as the party arrives (and they had taken a shortcut, so she was making tracks despite the blood loss) just in time to hand the crystal off to Gloria, before finally succumbing in Martha's arms. Even Father Rhydion, who has every reason to hate Gladys, gives her due respect, and commends her for making the ultimate sacrifice in the name of serving her country.
  • How Vigintio is defeated. After getting up from being beaten a third time, he starts gloating about how, being undead, he can't die. He's content to just keep fighting until the party finally loses. And then Elvis, clearly tired of Vigintio's shtick, simply walks up to him...and stabs him with the Wald Ash branch while talking about how there was never even a chance Vigintio would ever compare to Emma. As opposed to Folie, Elvis gets the chance to watch as the person who harmed his village dies this time...and he doesn't even bother, so fed up with Vignitio he just looks away.
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  • Elvis destroying a long history of discrimination of fairies and humans, just with alcohol.
  • During the final boss fight the party loses all memories one by one as they are consumed by the Night’s Nexus rendering them unable to fight or act. Seth is able to resist and mid fight reminds the rest of the party who they are one by one until he finally loses all memory too leaving him with every command as ????. With their memories back they call for Seth to remember who he is as everything turns to darkness before he begins to remember again and starts to use the Brave command. He Braves infinitely until the commands are offscreen and combine all into one action to break himself free and begin the fight for real and their theme kicks in overriding the final boss music.
    • In addition to this, before the final fight kicks into high gear, the previous Heroes of Light appear behind the party to emphasize how they've all grown into true heroes. Why is this awesome? Because Aileen appears for Adelle. By her own admission, she was on the cusp of a total Cessation of Existence; only the fairies of Mag Mell remembered her at all, and the implication is that when she gave the boat to Seth and his friends to travel to the outer planes, they mostly forgot her, too. Despite this, she still has enough energy left to show up to the final battle and cheer Adelle on as the new chosen of fire.
  • A small sidestory follows Selene and Dag doing odd jobs for the same people the party is accepting side quests from, although the two parties never meet. Whilst they botch most of the jobs, they still do their best to help their clients even at a loss to themselves, showing that they did turn over a new leaf. It's hard not to root for the two when Dag finally manages to snag a large vein of precious ore and uses it to forge a ring with which he proposes to Selene - and she almost instantly accepts.

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