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Funny / Anti-Idle: The Game

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Battle Arena

  • Binary Battlefield. Battle Arena is already full of Everything Trying to Kill You, but in Binary Battlefield, several of your predators are computers of various states, such a standard Computer, Compubroken (a computer with a broken monitor), a Blue Screen of Death, Computetris (a computer with Tetris shown on the screen), and a Lolputer (a computer with "LOL" shown on the screen).
  • In the next area, Dragon Cave, you fight a variety of dragons, including dragon cubs. The names of the dragon cubs? Dagon, Gragon, Wragon, and Chagon.
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  • In the Hole of Time, the portal back to the present warns you to "beware of triangles!"note 
  • The "CENSORED" status effect.
    • The Censor Ship area, which, among other things, features censored clouds.
  • The Final Boss, the Ascendant, is fought in Ye Olde Pub. In other words, it's a Bar Brawl.
  • The rare mob "shinki, the bridge dweller", which resembles the Trollface and goes down in one hit.


  • The triangle fixation continues in Triangle Count. The premise is that triangles have invaded the Anti-Idle Arcade and your goal is to...simply count them.

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