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  • Almost anything involving Ricardo Rodriguez - especially if one knows enough Spanish to get some of the things he says while announcing.
  • The 1/18/13 Smackdown. His match with Sheamus against Dolph Ziggler and The Big Show ended with Del Rio throwing a bucket of water into Big Show's face from out of nowhere. (And, actually, that in itself was a Brick Joke from earlier when The Big Show thought a bucket at Del Rio's Championship fiesta was filled with water, but was actually confetti.) This actually gets Show to get so pissed off that he circles right back around to calm - and simply walks out on the match while still the legal man, resulting in Del Rio's victory by countout. And then thousands upon thousands of balloons in the Mexican red, white, and green rain from the ceiling to finish off the episode.
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  • The hotel room attack on The Big Show was funny because of its ending. After an exchange of blows, Del Rio bounced a fire extinguisher off Show's forehead and knocked him out cold in front of the elevators, just in time for the elevator to open and two guys to step out, looking bemused. Del Rio's explanation was something to the effect of Show having had a bad burrito - which may or may not have been a Call-Back to almost a decade ago when Eddie Guerrero gave Show a laxative-spiked burrito during a very similar feud. The two guys bought it, and Del Rio got on the elevator and presumably got away with none of the hotel workers being any the wiser.
  • Del Rio helped Show's abused assistant get some revenge on the 2/8/13 Smackdown - when Show came out to investigate, his tour bus was up on concrete blocks with the wheels missing. Show takes a moment to mourn the loss. Suddenly, bright orange paint rains down from above, covering Big Show and most of the camera, too. Cue camera panning upward to show Del Rio, holding a bucket and wearing a grin that might as well have been a troll face.
  • On a particular episode of Smackdown, during their feud with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter, Alberto comes out with a parody of Swagger and Colter's Youtube propaganda, complete with Ricardo as Colter with a pillow stuffed up his jacket. Alberto just hammed it up as usual over... Mexican food.
    • The following week, they again spoof Zeb and Swagger with another video, this time discussing about the danger Canadians posed to America.
  • The post-WrestleMania RAW on 4/2/2012. The crowd had been chanting "YES!" at everything out of spite due to the events of WrestleMania. When Del Rio comes out to cut a promo, they instead start chanting "SI!" Del Rio very clearly has no idea how to react.
  • The "Local Wanker" promo against the then newly heel Joe Hendry in WCPW. The whole thing is a masterclass in tearing an arrogant heel to shreds in the funniest way possible.

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