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  • The Raw after SummerSlam, Emma has been bragging and ranting on how she should be in the championship picture at SummerSlam, but she had to fight in a triple threat match and then against 6-time Women's Champion Mickie James, getting screwed on both matches. And then she continues to rant about her current opponent, Nia Jax, who is standing right behind her as she rants. And when Emma turns her attention to Nia after being so close to calling the latter a moron, there is this exchange
    Emma: How long have you been standing there?
    Nia Jax: A while. Yeah, and after our match tonight, the trend on Twitter is gonna be "Give Emma...CPR!"
    • Made even funnier when the crowd started chanting "CPR! CPR! CPR!" on Emma...while Michael Cole wishes her good luck.


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