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Fridge Brilliance

  • Intruders: Eve has an outburst at her mom when the latter tells her to get ready for their trip to her grandmother's house; this causes her mom to decide that Eve is better left at home. While Eve is shown to be a generally unpleasant person (towards her family, at least), the previous scene showed her having a hard time sleeping in the night due to her brother's crying. She could have just been cranky from sleep deprivation as much as just being her usual self.
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  • In "My Imaginary Friend", Shawn's older brother David tells him that his having more friends than he thought means that he no longer needs his imaginary friends such as Travis. Shawn agrees with this and it is revealed that David is likewise a figment of Shawn's imagination, something which David didn't know. In spite of his pleas that he does not want to go, he fades out of existence. David's imaginary status means that he and Travis were essentially the Good Angel, Bad Angel on Shawn's shoulders. David, who is presented as the more or less ideal big brother that Shawn clearly always wanted, represents Shawn's conscience. Furthermore, his insistence that Shawn give up his imaginary friends is an indication of Shawn's subconscious (or possibly even conscious) realisation that such things are neither normal nor healthy at his age. When it comes to Travis, David himself points out that Travis is everything that Shawn isn't - fearless, cool and good looking - so Shawn obviously realises as much on some level. More disturbingly, Travis' threatening behaviour towards David and his attempt to kill him could represent suicidal thoughts on Shawn's part or at least self-hatred.

Fridge Horror

  • "A Creature Was Stirring" wants us to believe that the family is happy at last: the parents are no longer going to divorce and they all "have each other", as they put it. Then you realize that they lost everything they had, except for the clothes they are wearing, they are homeless and they have nothing to eat. There's just no way that they'll survive the winter, unless they have neighbors or relatives they can stay with, but happy endings on a show like this are few and far between. Or they could just stay in a hotel for a while. The adults likely have jobs, likely paying ones.
  • "Terrible Love": What if Stuart makes the mistake of asking Cupid to shoot Maggie with another arrow? We've already seen how psycho Brendon got when Maggie begged Cupid to give him another hit...
  • "Near Mint Condition": Ted is able to defeat Mangler by decapitating it with a katana he previously bought online and he and his brother decide to tape its head back on its body, pack it up so tight that it can't escape, and put it for sale online. Considering how advanced the robotics on the toy seem to be (even by the standards of 1980s toys. The bear is pretty much an ursine version of The Terminator), what's stopping it from repairing itself and going after whoever buys it next?
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  • The end of "Dreamcatcher." Unless the Dreamcatcher is confined to that camp, those two girls are going to have a very miserable, very short rest of their lives.
  • "The Weeping Woman": Who knows what would have happened if Chi wasn't there, let his fear of water get to him, or knew nothing about how to stop La Llorona?
  • "Long Live Rock and Roll": Sir Maestro tells Holden that the golden electric guitar he has on sale was once played by Garcia, Hendrix, and Cobain (as in Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain). It's also implied that Sir Maestro is the devil and makes Faustian deals with struggling musicians (or anyone who wants power), meaning that the infamous deaths and downfalls of Garcia, Hendrix, and Cobain were caused by Sir Maestro when he came for his end of the deal (their immortal souls).
  • In "Scary Mary," Mary is shown to keep the girls she captured as servants in her world; when Hannah arrives, there are only a handful of girls present. But Mary has been probably kidnapping girls for hundreds of years, so why does she only have a few? Well, assuming the girls age normally in the mirror world, her older victims probably all died eventually, Trapped in Another World with no way out.
  • In "Headshot", Cassandra Hobbes (AKA the Devil) reveals that Gracie did nothing to her. Gracie was always a cruel, shallow, and vain girl and was only pretending to be a shrinking violet to gain friends. All Cassandra did was reveal her true self just by giving her the chance to become famous. It makes you wonder how Gracie could have been if Cassandra had not influenced her darker self.
  • In "My Old House," The House sees everything that happens inside of it, including the family that has been living inside of it for years. The only one aware of its sentience is a little girl named Alice, who the House feels a connection to. However, the House later reveals itself as a Yandere and has a lot of symbolic traits of a pedophile. Since it can see everything inside of it, then the House must have had the capability to watch her 24/7. Which means it has seen this girl sleep, undress, change clothes, bathe inside of it, and studied her entire life. By the end of the episode it has absorbed her into it. For bonus points, the House seems to be moving on to a new girl moving into it, very likely repeating the previous events.
  • Intruders ends with The Fair Folk coming out of the forest and menacingly approaching Eve's home. It doesn't take much to assume that Eve and her family are screwed.
  • I'm Not Martin: If Sean didn't escape the evil hospital, then he would have lost a healthy foot.
  • The Wrong Number: The episode ends with Adrianna murdering Steffani without even thinking twice about it. Yeah, Steffani was a major bitch to her (and pretty much everyone else), but she's probably not going to be the last person who is. If Adrianna sees what happened to Steffani as a just punishment for bullying, what's she going to do when she has to deal with a Sadist Teacher, Bad Boss, or just some asshole who decides to take their bad day out on her?

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