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Fridge Logic

  • On at least two occasions, Yoosung apparently changes his mind over whether he ate and what he ate. One time, he says he went home and burnt his hand making ramen (Including a picture of the burn!), yet afterwards he calls and says he ate at his university's cafeteria. The other time you can ask him if he's eaten yet, he says yes, and later on in the same chat, you get to ask him again, to which replies that no, he hasn't eaten yet.
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  • Occasionally, a character will text you while also talking to you on the phone after a chatroom.
  • During the the main story it's implied that you're staying at Rika's apartment, and the characters basically treat it like your own home. But why is that exactly? In the prologue chat V makes it clear that you can't touch anything in the apartment, and that everything you need to work as a party coordinator is linked with the app on your phone. And it's not like the access to the app depends on you being in the apartment, either, since you can still use it from other places (like Jumin's penthouse). So why would you stay there instead of just working from your home?
    • You're there because Unknown told you to be there. As seen in the Bad Endings, going against his orders will result in him kidnapping you and forcing you to be inducted into Mint Eye.
      • But he never says anything about staying at the apartment. He only asks you to go there and, aside from one text, completely stops contacting you after you do so.

Fridge Horror

  • Refusing Unknown's request in the prologue will result in being kidnapped and becoming part of Mint Eye. It makes you wonder, how many people did he seek out before you?
  • Right before the story branch in the Deep Story mode, Unknown appears on the messenger after being in invisible mode. Maybe he'd successfully hacked into the messenger at that moment, but if not, how long had he been reading your conversations?
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  • In the end of the first Secret Ending, Jumin arrives at Mint Eye's headquarters right after V gets shot. Jumin probably watched his best friend die, totally helpless to do anything about it. Circumstances also finally reveal why V has been so secretive and prove that Jumin was right to keep trusting him. Yeah, the episode ends with Saeran being rescued, but it's obviously a very hollow victory for Jumin.
  • In Seven's second bad relationship ending, the last thing you see is a CG for a gunshot, and it's heavily implied that Unknown shoots and kills Seven. But what about you? It's implied you're killed along with him, since Seven asks you to look away, and Unknown begins mistaking you for his abusive mother.
  • The prologue bad ending for Another Story where you call the police out of suspicion at the caller. While this led to Mint Eye's disbandment, the events of Ray/Saeran's route make this less optimistic of a bad ending because the news being made public means Prime Minister would have found where Saeran was and will get rid of him the same way he tries to get rid of Seven in Saeran's own route. By calling the police, you doomed the twins. No wonder it's called a bad ending...

Fridge Brilliance

  • Seven and Ray/Saeran's route are like mirrors that parallels each others fate. There are elements in their routes that are similar to each other. They were sweet and loving to the MC early on in the route and later, attempted to push her away before finally realizing that the MC accepts them no matter who they are. Albeit, for different reasons. (MC accepting Seven and Saeran respectively. The former, for who he is even if he lives a dangerous life. And the latter, for the fact that she will remind and accept his two "Personalities" for who he is and that he truly deserves happiness and freedom even if he is weak). Similarly, their routes had the other twin kidnapped(Saeran mistaken as Seven by Vanderwood and taken hostage. Seven being abducted by their father).
  • Throughout Ray's route, Zen majorly talks about his role of being the lead, Zekyll and White in the chats and how he had difficulties to analyse and understand a character with a Split Personality and later finding his answer. Not only does this answer accurately speak of Saeran's state of mind, it also spoke some light of Rika's character and how, by the end of Saeran's route, ended up differently. Whereas Saeran had a self reflection of his anger and come to accept his faults, eventually wishing to fix his mistakes, Rika chose to let her anger and resentment consume her and in the process, refuse to fix her own mistakes.


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