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He's got red eyes (humans with albinism usually have blue or slightly reddish eyes due to lack of pigment in the irises, not bright red). The Children of Misfortune in Pandora Hearts can interfer with the Jurors, who are, in a way, the authors of the story. While Zen's abilities are a bit different from Pandora Hearts's Children, he has psychic dreams which predict the future, allowing him to change it and thus go against what the "author" may have wanted to happen.

The Player can time travel via Power of Love.
The hourglass in-game currency is a symbol of her power. She went back in time again and again until she found the best possible outcome for everyone.

The Player has the power to SHIFT
Another possible reason how the MC can travel through time and alternate universes. Much like Akane in 999, the MC transports her consciousness across universes when faced with a bad end.

Alternatively, the MC has the power of Determination.
It explains why the MC has the power to SAVE, LOAD, and RESET.

The green-eyed black-haired boy in the prologue was actually Rika.
The photo at first appears to be a trick featuring a boy who would never be more than a red herring. But actually, it was Rika crossdressing, making the photo quite important.

Jossed: The green-eyed black-haired boy in the prologue was Unknown Aka Ray, Aka Saeran Choi, brother of Saeyoung Choi, 707.

MC's real name is a Significant Anagram of Rika's name, Kira.

The name has many etymologies depending on the culture and could have a positive connotation (The Heart, The Paragon, Light Is Good) or negative connotation (Yandere, Light Is Not Good), just like how the MC's character depends on the player's choice.

Derivatives include:

Hindi - of Kiran meaning "ray of light."

Persian - of Kuruš meaning "Sun" and "One who bestows care"

Greek (but used mostly by Russians) - "mistress", "ruler", "leader of the people", "one the people look to".

Japanese - onomatopoeia of "shining" but also sounds like "killer".

The rest theory/Who is MC?.

The V Route is actually a sequel from the MC's perspective.

The route will often present the player with the opportunity to correctly guess what the other characters are thinking. If chosen correctly from about 2-3 options, the characters will gasp and wonder how the MC knows. Of course, she knows the RFA very well, and tries desperately to save everyone this time around. Unfortunately, it does not succeed.


Zen is a lost prince of the Grass Kingdom

And either he or someone in his family made a wish to send him to another world. The Wizard granted that wish, but because of how his power works, the prince lost all memory of his origins.

As referenced above, Zen's appearance may bring albinism to mind at first glance, but he doesn't quite fit the description (his eyes are too red, he doesn't seem to experience any of the drawbacks, etc.). Dandelion features characters from a fantasy kingdom known as "Grass", where the entire royal family has white hair. Jieun reveals that a prince with red eyes (like him) is born every three generations, and that prince has the power of precognition. There's a striking resemblance.


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