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Drinking Game / Mystic Messenger

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Drink when:

  • 707 writes 'lololol'.
    • Twice if you can reply to his 'lololol' with 'lololol'.
    • Twice if it's at an inappropriate timing.
    • Challenge mode: take another drink for ever extra "ol". ie. if he sends "lolololol", take two drinks, plus either of the above if they apply.
    • Take two if someone else says it.
  • Jumin talks about Elizabeth 3rd.
    • Twice if it's accompanied by a photo.
  • Yoosung rants about having no girlfriend.
  • Yoosung mentions hating V.
  • Someone compares you to Rika.
    • Twice if it's Yoosung. (Warning: Do not attempt this if you're playing Yoosung's route.)
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  • ZEN implies the two of you could be in a relationship.
  • Jaehee fangirls on ZEN.
    • Twice if it's in a chat where he's around.
  • ZEN calls himself beautiful or handsome.
    • On the other hand, take a sip whenever he shows humility or self-deprecation.
  • ZEN uploads a selfie.
  • Yoosung says he's going to play LOLOL.
  • Someone is called or compared to a robot.
  • Someone meows.
    • Twice if you can meow back.
    • Twice if someone asks them not to.
  • Someone calls you "weird", "unusual", etc.
  • Jaehee bemoans her job.
    • Down the whole drink if she mentions having to take care of Elizabeth 3rd.
  • Jumin thinks of developing a cat project.
    • Chug the whole thing if he goes through with implementing it.
  • Sip your drink slowly every time the 4th wall gets brought up.
  • Zen and Jumin start bickering over something nonsensical. (Warning: Do not attempt this if you're playing Jumin or Seven's route in Deep Story Mode.)
    • On the other hand, take a double shot every time one of them compliments the other.
  • Sip every time someone flirts with you—and you're not on their route.
  • You get a heart from someone in response to a private text message to someone else.
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  • Someone asks where the hell V is.
  • You miss a call/chat because you were asleep or otherwise busy.
    • Take another drink if you pay hourglasses to go back and play it.
    • And another if you unexpectedly receive an hourglass in a missed chat.
  • When the background shakes.
    • Twice if it's in a Story Mode (i.e. the whole room shakes).
  • Whenever someone reminds you to eat your meals
  • Whenever Jaehee tells you that you're such a good ''friend''.
    • Take another when she says this on her own route.


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