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  • Ascended Meme:
    • The fandom started making Fifty Shades of Grey comparisons soon after seeing Jumin's bad endings. Seven joins the fun in the update that introduced the spaceship: one of the thoughts it can pick up from him during Jumin's route is "Fifty Shades of Chairman-to-be..."
    • "Does Jumin Han Is Gay?" makes an appearance in the Christmas DLC (specifically, in a fake news report Seven trolls Yoosung with.)
  • The Cast Showoff: Hosan Lee (V's voice actor) sings "Compass", which plays during the video at the end of V's route. He and Hyunjin Lee (the voice of Rika) also sing "Light and Daffodils", the opening theme of Another Story.
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  • Fan Nickname: "Rayran" for Unknown, ever since the reveal in Another Story that he has two personalities: Ray and Saeran.
  • Release Date Change: When V's route was announced, Cheritz planned to release it in August. In late August, they released a statement that they were not yet finished working and it would be delayed until September. The route came out on September 9th (Korean time), V's birthday.
  • Troubled Production: The game was originally planned to be released in Winter 2015 but was delayed multiple times due to its script ending up being three times longer than Nameless, the company's previous game. Even after the game was finally released in Summer 2016, the company had to resolve a significant number of bugs and the game's server being burdened by a lot more players than anticipated for months afterward.
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  • Urban Legend of Zelda: When the Christmas DLC was first released, there were rumors that it was possible to get an ending with V; supposedly, it was obtained by going through Jumin's Christmas route and siding with V on the second day. No such ending actually exists, however.

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