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  • The series of VNs in Zen's route in which you go to his apartment and meet him in person for the first time (assuming you're on the path to his good ending). In the last one before you go home, he opens up to you about his troubled past and the insecurities he hides behind his ego, despite the fact that he's obviously nervous about doing so. It's a rare player who isn't touched when he gives you a genuine, slightly awkward smile and asks if he can hold your hand.
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  • In Zen's route, after his reputation is trashed by Echo Girl, Zen goes to his secret place in the mountains and Jumin personally follows him there. After they meet, he once again offers Zen a modeling job, only this time he takes his allergy into consideration and suggests modeling for the teacup brand instead of the cat food commercial. When Zen asks why would Jumin still want to work with him when his reputation is in jeopardy, Jumin answers that, no matter what mistakes they make, you don't turn your back on family, and RFA, including Zen, is a second family to him. Zen is obviously touched and says that he wanted to make a family but has already had one. And then he agrees to model for the cat food commercial as thanks for Jumin's loyalty, and for the first time the two talk like friends (with Jumin even laughing and then saying that he hasn't laughed in a long time, and Zen admitting that he's having fun). The whole scene is as touching as it could be.
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  • The path to Seven's good ending goes through a lot of Tear Jerker moments before evolving into a heartwarming relationship as he realizes that he can trust you and that you will accept him even with his flaws and the potential danger of being with him.
  • A flashback conversation between Saeran and V in the second Secret Ending is really sweet, even though it's also a massive Tear Jerker because of what has happened to those characters since then. They're sitting outside in the sun, watching clouds, and V offers to teach Saeran how to use his camera. He also tears up while assuring Saeran that his brother loves him and hopes he's happy.
  • While it also falls under Tear Jerker territory, Jumin's Undying Loyalty towards V is this, especially when V leaves the RFA in Seven's route. He's the only member that believed in V 'til the very end, even when everyone else was angry at him for keeping the truth from them. Not to mention that in Secret 01, Jumin himself went with his armed forces to Mint Eye's headquarters because he knew there was a chance that V was there (since Seven used V's cellphone to send the distress coordinates).
    • Jumin and V's friendship is explored deeper in V's route, where it shows that it was Jumin who convinced V to 'rebel' against his father and make up his own opinions about his mother, who has been estranged from V's family all his life. This leads to V and his mother reconciling and V gaining his interest in photography and the arts.
  • Jumin and V's relationship in general. No matter what, they never lose faith in each other. Jumin constantly reiterates his faith in V even when nobody else does. In the Common Route of Another Story, V and Jumin often talk very affectionately about their friendship and how close they are. They notice things about each other that no one else does, such as Jumin noting V was flustered during the prologue chat to the other characters' surprise.
    • An early morning chatroom on Day 2 is V and Jumin just being bros. Highlights include reminiscing about the past, V affectionately calling Jumin out for being drunk, and Jumin insisting V is the same person he's always known despite Yoosung saying he's changed.
  • If you call Yoosung at 3 AM in his route, he'll sing a lullaby for you. Zen will also sing the same lullaby if you call him on a different route.
  • Remember the Cruel Twist Ending in Seven's After End? Secret End 2 basically makes it a reality, with Saeran being saved, getting help, and reconciling with his brother. It ends with all members of the RFA taking a photo together - including Saeran. Most definitely a case of Earn Your Happy Ending.
  • Multiple elements of V's route, but the final scene may be the most remarkable. On Day 11, V tells you that he is going to leave and spend some time finding himself, partially because he wants to love someone in a healthy way but doesn't know if he can. The last scene takes place at the next RFA party, two years after the cancelled one on Day 11. He shows up and says he missed you and that he wants to choose you now, with an absolutely stunning smile on his face.
  • The entire story of V's mother is a tragic one, but it's undeniably heartwarming to hear him say that she will be guiding him and that the memory of her love will be his "sun" from now on. A parent's love should be unconditional and even a little annoying, in a way romantic love really shouldn't be.
  • Doubling as a Moment of Awesome. After so long, Saeran went against Rika in day 10 of his route and called her out on her manipulations and how she treated the believers of Mint Eye is just the same as how her parents once treated her. But this one line was particularly sweet, as it's about how he could finally find his happiness with you, the player. When Rika tried to convince him to come back to her side, he's having none of it and chose you instead, later rescuing you just in time to prevent you from being brainwashed.
    Saeran : This isn't paradise. Paradise isn't with you... Paradise is with the person who makes me feel that I'm alive. I felt alive when she hugged me. I could feel my heart beating. Even the air I breathed in and out tasted so happy... If that's not paradise, what else is?
  • There are many heartwarming moments in V's After Ending, but none can top Seven's reaction to being reunited with Saeran. Having previously assumed that Saeran was dead and, even when Rika confirmed there was a chance of Saeran's survival, didn't expect to ever see him again, the tearful joy Seven expresses upon seeing Saeran is absolutely adorable.
    Seven: You're alive. Thank you so much for being alive.


  • Cheritz donated $100,000 USD of their profits from Mystic Messenger to the charities Save the Children, Lifeline Korea, and Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center.
  • In the 1st anniversary chats that trigger when you log in, various characters thank you for staying with them and say they hope to keep seeing and working with you.