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Fridge / King Kong (2005)

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Fridge Brilliance:

  • In the tie-in book The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island, it's strongly implied that pterosaurs used to live on the island, but all except the flightless Scissor-Head went extinct. Why would this be? Because the other aerial niches on the island were claimed by the birds, "Vultursaurs" and giant flying rodents. By giving up flight and taking up wading and swimming, the Scissor-Head avoided competition with the aforementioned rodents and birds, allowing it to survive.
    • It also helps explain why naturalists never had a clue that Skull Island was out there, and so biologically unique, until the Venture expedition. Had flying pterosaurs still been present on the island, they could've surely flown to other habitable lands and been documented by science long ago. But Skull Island's endemic flying rodents can't possibly travel that far across the open ocean, mammals being far more dependent upon fresh water to drink than birds or reptiles. The seabirds on Skull Island aren't noticeably different from those found on other islands in the region. The vultursaurs could possibly have made it to some other landmass, but they're specialized jungle insectivores and would've had to compete with dozens of kinds of fish-eating bird if they tried to evolve to prey on marine life.
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  • In contrast to the 1933 film, Kong fights three Vastatosaurus rexes instead of one Tyrannosaurus rex. Though it may look like a contrived coincidence to make the fight look even more awesome, there is actually some brilliance to this. The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island says that Skull Island has been sinking into the sea for the past thousand years. As the V-rex's natural habitats continue to dwindle, they are forced to share their hunting grounds with other V-rexes and other predators as well. From these standards, it would not have been realistic for Kong to fight one V-rex and not expect at least one other to stumble across them.


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