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The sacrifices made by the Skull Islanders weren't just religious/pacifying ceremonies.
The Natural History tie-in book indicates that the natives had a matriarchal society, ruled by the eldest high-status female. While giving Kong human playthings may have had a direct motive in keeping Kong distracted and away from the village, the fact that only women were offered to him may have served a hidden political agenda: by selecting "at random" the daughters or granddaughters of her political enemies, the chieftess could punish any rivals to her authority and cull their matrilines in her own daughters' favor. The pretense of the sacrifice being Kong's "bride" was a sham to justify her pruning her competitors' family trees. Sending Ann to Kong wasn't her idea at all, but when the warriors hauled her in from the ship during a foray to steal supplies or weapons, the vicious old bat just wanted to get rid of the superfluous outlander-woman quickly.

The dinosaurs aren't actually dinosaurs
To address the ever-so-frequent ravings about Artistic License – Paleontology by many a dino-fan, the V-Rexes, Venatosauruses, and other creatures are actually modern groups of reptiles that evolved to coincidentally resemble what paleontologists of the film's time period would consider dinosaurs (ie: big scaly brutes; old-school paleontology is where most public perceptions of dinosaurs come from) due to millions of years of isolated evolution. Since the expeditions to Skull Island that took place after the film (mentioned in the Natural History tie-in book) failed to bring back specimens and the island was destroyed only a few years afterwards, scientists would not have been able to do more extensive research on the creatures and thus the epithet of dinosaur stuck years after new discoveries radically changed paleontologists' views on what dinosaurs looked like. It would also serve to justify how they on earth they survived largely unchanged millions of years after their alleged extinction and why the island also hosts a number of obviously non-dinosaur reptiles that are referred as dinosaurs by the book.

Lumpy had a phobia of insects
Lumpy the cook more or less doesn't take shit from anyone or anything on Skull Island. However, when a weta-rex jumps onto his back, he almost immediately begs for help getting it off him. He may have had some really bad experience with bugs way back when which only made things worse when this dog-sized cricket started attacking and scratching him.

The dinosaurs aren't relics from the Mesozoic—they got there through time travel
Specifically, they arrived on the island via anomalies in space and time. Skull Island is established as being full of magnetic rocks and such, causing compasses to go haywire around it, and temporal anomalies are magnetic in nature, even able to be placed and moved when "caught" by magnetic rock. The dinosaurs and other prehistoric-type animals arrived on Skull Island through such anomalies millions of years ago, and this triggered a different evolutionary path where not only did whole new clades evolve, but many features we now know that dinosaurs had—namely feathers—never occurred because they ultimately came from time-displaced stock that existed before those features evolved. This also handily explains how so many diverse creatures ended up on Skull Island, such as the vastatosaurs which belong to a theropod family known only in the Northern Hemisphere nowhere near Skull Island.

The Skull Island dinosaurs all have mange.
They would have had feathers, but an endemic mite that infests all of the island's dinosaurs caused their plumage to fall out. It also cost the Scissor-Heads their pycnofibers, and left the flying rodents bald.

The movie for RKO Fay Wray was doing wasn't King Kong.
It was the movie she did before that in real life,
The Most Dangerous Game, and RKO's Kong is a fictionalized account of Denham's expedition to Skull Island made to popularize on the sensation Kong's New York rampage caused.

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