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A Vastatosaurus rex, a small woman, and an enormous Gorilla. The Gorilla wins, by the way!

  • This film cranks the T. rex fight from the original Up to Eleven by having Kong battle three V. rex at once.
  • When between Kong and the last V. rex, Ann now knows where things stand with her and Kong, and slowly steps back towards Kong. Her face seems to express defiance at the predator, while Kong seems surprised and touched by Ann's small action.
  • During the stampede scene, Hayes, while jumping over a fallen Venatosaurus, kicks it in the face, for apparently no reason other than to Kick Them While They Are Down.
  • The rescue from the bug pit. Especially when Bruce Baxter, after giving up and heading back to the ship, swings down into the pit on a rope, blasting at bugs with a Tommy gun the whole time.
  • Captain Englehorn's Big Damn Heroes moment when he saves Denham and the film crew from the natives. And then again when he and Bruce Baxter save what's left of the rescue party from a ravine full of giant insects.
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  • Preston gets one in the log scene. As Kong tumbles the log (that had Carl, Jack, Lumpy and Jimmy on it) into the bug pit Preston avoids the bugs by grabbing a nearby vine as the log is falling making him not only one of the four survivors when Englehorn and Baxter arrive but also the only one to not encounter the bugs and almost get eaten.
  • Weta gets a Real Life MoA for producing, purely out of love for the King Kong mythos, a re-creation of what the 1933 film's planned "bug pit" scene could have been like, had it been achievable with the technology, time, and budget available to RKO. Check it out, it's a DVD extra with the 2005 movie.
  • Saving Kong in the game's alternate ending.
  • After Kong manhandles her a few times out of amusement, Anne rightfully snaps and tells the oversized ape to knock it off! It gets him to treat her with a great deal more respect after that point (after the obligatory temper tantrum, anyway).
  • A scene where Jack Black's character has fallen in the insect trench and all of his crew is dying around him, but the real kicker is the fact his film was destroyed on the impact of the fall. So not only does this mean this entire trip was totally pointless, but he wouldn't be able to complete his promise to his dead friend, donating its proceeds to the man's family to keep them financially stable. So when this happens, he SNAPS. He grabs the closest rifle he can find, and he starts kicking all forms of bug ass. It's not much, but to show that the character wasn't always a money-grubbing bastard who cared only about himself was a nice touch.
    • Jimmy also gets one when he grabs a Thompson sub-machine gun and unloads it on a swarm of bugs that were crawling on Jack. He kills all of them without hitting Jack.
  • He gets an even better one when knocking Kong out via well-aimed chloroform bottle to the nose.
  • Jack Driscoll gets one during the stampede scene, where he—without breaking stride—shoulder checks a Venatosaur into the side of the canyon, triggering a chain reaction of dino falls behind the group and saving their lives.
  • Weta Digital get's another CMOA for how good their CGI looks and how flawlessly it was blended with the extensive miniature work by Richard Taylor and the Weta Workshop crew.
  • When Denham and the Venture crew try to capture Kong by netting him and binding him with grappling hooks, Ann tries to stop them and is then forcibly escorted away by Jack. We get a close up of Kong practically SHIVERING with rage as Denham gets an Oh, Crap! look on his face before the giant gorilla rears up, tears free of every restraint and begins pursuing Ann and throwing the crew about.
  • The iconic battle between Kong and the fighter planes atop the Empire State Building was impressive in the original, but it's absolutely amazing in this remake. At first the planes are buzzing past Kong, strafing him with machine gun fire as he swipes futilely at them, but then one gets complacent and Kong leaps from the top of the building to tear its wing off and send it spinning helplessly to the ground, before landing back on the roof and clambering up again to continue the battle. And another one when Kong grabs the tail of a plane that's flying close to the building, before throwing the damn thing into another plane, sending them both plummeting down. There are six planes that participated in that fateful battle, and the fact that Kong managed to destroy half of them at all before his death despite being cruelly disadvantaged shows that he truly earns the title "The Eighth Wonder of the World".


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