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  • Denham's description of Skull Island, after telling Driscoll about the name, rapidly drifts into Exact Words territory.
    Driscoll: What's wrong with this place?
    Denham There's nothing officially wrong with it... Because, technically, it hasn't been discovered yet.
  • Though it is a sad scene, it is kind of darkly funny the way everyone is shown mourning their dead friends (Lumpy over Choy, Jimmy over Hayes)... and then we cut to Denham mourning over his totaled camera.
    • It becomes sadder when you remember that, for all his selfishness, Denham is remorseful for this because this film got at least a dozen people killed, including two close friends of his.
  • Kong himself, while a pretty fierce individual, has some moments of hilarity, such as his getting bored with some of Ann's antics halfway through, the temper tantrum causing a rock to fall on his head, and his nonchalant dismissal of Ann after saving her from the V. rex.
    • Special mention has to go to his reaction to her rather impressive juggling. He snorts and rolls his eyes as if to say "S'okay..."
  • While searching for Ann, the group comes across one of Kong's footprints, leading to this:
    Lumpy: There's only one creature capable of making a footprint that size. (Dramatic Pause) The Abominable Snowman.
    • Gets even funnier when you consider a 1977 King Kong mockbuster, 'Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century'; used said snowman as its monster.
    • In response, the rest of the crew murmur in concern:
    Crew member: Snowman. We dead.
  • Englehorn compares Denham to a cockroach that just keeps crawling back up the toilet bowl. Considering everything the man has survived by that point, it's a pretty accurate description.
    Englehorn: That's the thing about cockroaches. No matter how many times you flush them down the toilet, they always crawl back up the bowl.
    Carl: Hey buddy, I'm out of the bowl! I'm drying my wings and trekking across the lid.
  • Bruce Baxter is enraged at Jimmy's graffiti on his movie posters... until he starts thinking about what he might look like with a mustache...
  • The Oh, Crap! look in the eyes of the Foetodon chasing Anne into the log as a V.Rex sinks its teeth into the reptile's tail and drags it out is kinda funny in a very dark way.
  • Ann's interactions with the V. rex, and Kong's fight with them (when it's not being terrifying, that is).
  • Admittedly not part of the movie officially, but the outtakes feature Jack Black doing Carl Denham's Jack Black. Specifically, addressing the studio heads about the map.
    Black/Denham: A primitive world, never before seen by man. A place so fucking weird, it's going to blow your balls off.
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  • Black's "song" that he'd been working on (roodle-y doodle-y doodle-y doo...).
  • Some of the Production Diaries for Peter Jackson's film are quite hilarious. There is one that is essentially a day in the life of the featured extras, which mostly involves them hanging around the lounge waiting to be called onto the set. In the end, only one of them gets to actually be on set that day, and when he comes back he brags that he actually had a line. Cut to two others (humorously) beating him up.
    Jed Brophy: Had a line, didja? Hope it was a good one! (punch punch punch)
    • Another has Jack Black becoming very insecure about his height after being measured for his costume alongside several taller actors, and trying to put lifts in his shoes which he insists is something Denham would do. Of course, he's not exactly wrong.
  • The One-Scene Wonder sergeant.
  • According to Peter Jackson's autobography, someone angrily asked Jackson why he was making a film about rampant sexism, punctuated by the masculine gorilla carrying a woman. Jackson's response?
    Peter Jackson: Really? I thought I was just making a film about dinosaurs and a gorilla...
  • After Ann tries to escape from Kong following the stampede scene, he cuts her off and, trying to keep him from killing her, spontaneously breaks into her vaudeville routine, much to Kong's amusement. He's most entertained when she does stunt falls and, after a while, starts picking her up off the ground just so he can knock her over again like she's a domino for his own glee. When Ann has finally had enough, she slaps him on the wrist when he tries it again and, after a few tense seconds where it looks like he might kill her, Kong just throws a tantrum and starts smashing everything around him, throwing around rocks and pieces of the ruins. When he's finally vented enough, he stands tall over Ann...and then gets conked on the back of the head by a piece of rubble that he happened to throw uphill. All of this is quite funny, and more importantly shows that Kong isn't just a savage beast.


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