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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Being a former lightweight boxer, Viktor Novikov's favourite cocktail is the Bare Knuckle Boxer.
  • Most Elusive targets being in Paris and Sapienza makes sense, as it's likely that more people own the early levels.
  • The Shadow Client is not looking for evidence of 47's work but a pattern. The developer made sure to take the sneakiest of Hitman players into account, especially those who prefer a 'leave no traces' playstyle.
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  • Providence asking for the names of all ICA's active agents is kind of funny when one of the agency's biggest assets doesn't have one. They'll have next to nothing about the trigger man behind their failed coup d'état and super virus. Soders is probably keeping it post operation partly for that too.
  • The operating table Soders lays upon resembles the underside of a spider. Spiders consume their prey by liquefying their insides and sucking all the fluids out, one of the many ways to end him.
  • The reason why 47 is so brutal in Landslide (pen in eye, impaling on spire) is because he hates people who disgrace or attack the church. Think about it: his priest friend gets kidnapped, Wade's goons slaughter a catholic orphanage, and Sheriff Skurky holds a priest at gunpoint, and a bunch of sick fetish parodies of nuns hunted 47 and murdered an entire motel in the process. He's got to have some special disgust for people who desecrate churches or the Christian religion.
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  • Why do civilian accident kills count against Silent Assassin rating, unlike in Blood Money? Maybe Travis was in charge during BM, which would mean that he just didn't care about any civilian deaths unless they had to be covered up, something that "accidents" don't require. Following Travis's death, he was replaced by people with more strict rules about civilian casualties. Note that this works with the prologue too, since Codename 47 forced a restart if there were too many civilian casualties, and Travis took over those guys later. This might not match info provided by Absolution or the books, I can't remember the details of the former and I've never read the latter.
  • Some players are disappointed that you can't get Francesca De Santis to kill Silvio Caruso after she discovers his plans to kill her in World of Tomorrow. However, as the virus is still uncompleted, Ether still needs Caruso’s expertise. Additionally, Caruso's death would call for a police investigation, and likely repossession of his villa, either of which could blow the cover on the project. De Santis's reluctance to kill Caruso may not be hesitance, but Pragmatic Villainy to prevent the virus from being discovered.
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  • Lockpicking has been getting faster and faster in each game. Of course it is, since not only is the technology getting better (For example, in Blood Money the ICA is constantly upgrading them) but 47, having done this for decades at this point, must know all the tricks and exactly where to place and turn the pick in each lock by now.
  • Despite being 47's signature weapon, you have to unlock the Silverballer in this game. However, considering that most of the early unlocks are ICA weapons, it stands to reason that your armory is being supplied directly by the ICA. The Silverballer, being iconic to 47, might serve as a tip off to investigators and guards that the legendary Hitman is in the area and make the assassination much more difficult. Also consider that Absolution took place somewhat recently, where 47 goes rogue and also is the loudest in the series, participating in full on gunfights. The police is probably on his trail at this point, so the ICA is holding the Silverballers back until 47 can prove that he's capable and loyal to the Agency. Notably, the Silverballers are unlocked by leveling up in Paris, the first full level.
    • Additionally, the Silverballer is identical to the default firearm, Statistically Speaking, save for enabling aim stabilization. The weapon isn't that much different from other handguns, but 47 is so familiar with its subtleties he's more accurate than ever with his Weapon of Choice.
  • As mentioned on the main page, it's something of a Continuity Snarl that ICA couldn't even find ruins when tracing 47's past to Romania. This was intentional: it's a subtle in-game acknowledgement this game is a soft reboot and the more pulpy sci-fi aspects (like 47's origin as a hybridized clone) are being disregarded without going as far as a full retcon, leaving 47 Shrouded in Myth instead.
  • Zaydan's office in "A Gilded Cage" has a wine glass placed on a nearby drawer. Next to said glass is a lethal poison pill jar. Strandberg drinks from this glass if he's evacuated, raising the possibility that Zaydan intended to get rid of Strandberg without evacuating him.

Fridge Horror

  • If you read into Silvio Caruso's family tape's song as being a reflection of his adolescence, the "There were candles burning as we made love" gets a whole lot more disturbing.
  • The Shadow Client has been following, possibly even watching you during the events of the previous games. Next time you replay any of older games, remember that somebody is analyzing your performance to learn about you and hone their skills.
  • In Hokkaido, Agent Smith is trapped in a freezer in the morgue. If you complete the mission without saving him, that means he would probably stay in there until he dies of hypothermia.
    • Either that, or his captors free him but have an even worse fate planned for him...
      • His skin is covered in surgery markings. Since he was investigating the clinic for Organ Theft, it's pretty obvious that he is scheduled to be their "donor".
    • Worse, with Smith only reappearing in two of the Sniper missions, neither of which are dated, and not appearing or even being mentioned in any of the sequel missions, it's possible that Smith was actually left to die.
  • Hell, any NPC can be knocked out and hidden in a chest freezer indefinitely. The game treats this as non-lethal, but that seems... optimistic.
  • After the deaths of their two most high-profile guests, at least some members of the Himmapan hotel staff and/or security are likely to be fired by Ms Mookjai.
    • If 47 electrocuted Jordan Cross with the faulty mic (placing the blame on the band) and blew Ken Morgan up with the tuk-tuk (which would blamed on Morgan himself for not noticing the oil pool beside the tuk-tuk), this scenario would be avoided.
    • Making Cross kill Morgan and then throwing him out the window afterwards could make it look like Cross went nuts, killed Morgan, and then immediately offed himself out of guilt.
      • Both of these routes require knocking out staff members and taking their outfits, so it'll still be an obvious murder.
  • When leaving Colorado, there's a small army of people and a whole lot of firepower left behind. While the ICA would've called the authorities after 47 left, and the best case scenario is that some grabbed what they could and left, it's possible that the militia packed up and relocated.
  • If Dr. Laurent kills Soders, it's very likely that he'll never be allowed to work as a surgeon again, and might even be facing charges for murder. After all, not only did he fail to save the patient, he did it intentionally while under the influence of drugs. Was It Really Worth It?
    • It's possible that the drive containing Soders' list of contracts is still at the hospital. That kind of information could be disastrous given some of the guy's more famous contracts.
  • In the Patient Zero campaign, Rebecka the cultist canonically dies. She is either collateral damage in The Source or committed group suicide with the rest of the cult. Neither option is particularly pleasant to think of.
  • You can impersonate staff members, security guards and even high profile individuals during the missions. A lot of innocent people could have been taken down just because 47 had to sneak around.
  • Why is Penelope Graves, a new, distrusted recruit of the militia who is not even part of the militia's leadership, a target in Freedom Fighters? Soders put forth the operation and Graves, being the militia's analyst, would likely know about his betrayal of the ICA, and he decided She Knows Too Much.
  • Ether's supervirus can be programmed to target any individual's DNA. It's not hard to imagine someone programming the same virus with less specific genetic instructions, leading it to wipe out an entire family... or an entire race.

Fridge Logic

See Headscratchers.

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