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Nightmare Fuel / Hitman (2016)

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My name is Death and the end is here...

  • The premise itself, as with the other games in the series; you're playing as one of the world's best assassins who can infiltrate any places, from restricted manor to highly-guarded complexes chocked full of armed soldiers, and still successfully kills is targets, sometimes without any traces.
    • Then someone has been directing said assassin towards agents of similarly secretive worldwide organization Providence. There are only few terror like knowing you are one of the finest and still someone played you from the shadow... Even the ICA (47's home organization) is nervous. Somewhat mitigated in that the someone turns out to be Lucas Grey, 47's brother and eventual ally.
  • The Legacy trailer is every bit as terrifying as it is awesome, as it showcases a timeline of 47's most famous kills through the series. Drowning, fugu poisoning, strangulation, a bullet to the brain...none of them good ways to go. The aforementioned headshot takes special mention, as 47 sends a bullet into a one-way mirror before his target comes crashing through it, leaking blood and brains. That degree of accuracy is terrifying in and of itself, but in the moments before his victim smashes through the mirror, the cracks in the glass center over 47's face. As shown in the page picture, between the cracks and 47's bald head hidden in shadow, it gives the terrifying, and incredibly fitting image of a leering skull.
  • Some of the kills you can perform:
    • Toliet Drowning. As your target vomits into a toilet, 47 knocks them down and holds their head inside. The victim helplessly flails as the drown in a mixture of toilet water and their own vomit.
    • You can shred Silvio Caruso's body in a woodchipper. While he is still ALIVE.note 
      • Similarly, the hay baler the Colorado mission.
    • You can poison Francesca De Santis' wine as her current lover, making her believe, in her last panicked moments, that the man she loves poisoned her and is silently watching her die.
    Francesca De Santis: (coughing) Roberto! How could you!?- (dies)
    • Shoving Reza Zaydan into the printing press. Thankfully the result isn't seen other than blood-covered posters being spewed out.
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    • Killing Matthieu Mendola as the fortune teller with the crystal ball in the second summer mission ("A House Built on Sand"). 47 cracks his temple with the crystal ball, then slams his forehead into the ball's stand. The stand sticks in his forehead.
    • You can shove Marco Abiatti face first into a pen. Afterwards, 47 pulls it out of Marco's eye socket.
      • Similarly (and arguably more fittingly), doing the same to Craig Black in the Patient Zero mission "The Author".
    • Burning Dino Bosco alive with high octane fuel or using the teeth of a prop monster during his film shoot.
    • Electrocuting Jordan Cross with a faulty microphone that short-circuits at high voltages.
    • Killing Penelope Graves by pushing her into a slurry pit. What's a slurry pit? Basically, it's a pool of liquid shit waiting to be converted to fertiliser. You thought being drowned in a toilet was bad....
    • Erich Soders can be suspected to several rather horrifying deaths.
      • You can actually suck the blood out of his heart. The way he convulses and groans as he dies, as the doctors panic in the background and red lights flash, is just disturbing.
      • Worse that that, sabotaging the computer so the arms stab him repeatedly, blood spilling out of his gaping wounds on the table and onto the ground.
      • 47 crushing the replacement heart with his hand, ensuring him a slow and painful death since the hospital cannot possibly find a new one in time. The ICA give, the ICA take....
      • Poisoning the stem cells. It results in a lovely cutscene of him in severe pain with foam coming out of his mouth and nose.
      • A very literal example is just walking up to him with 47's default suit. He knows exactly what 47 is capable of doing to him so at the mere sight of 47 he has a heart attack. The idea of what you would do to him was so horrifying you literally scared him to death.
    • Lighting Oybek Nabazov on fire by replacing his flame-retardant hand mixture during his fire ritual.
  • The Ether virus is designed to kill a specific target by pairing it with the target's DNA. Granted, we've seen this before but that doesn't make it any less terrifying.
  • Hannah Highmoore's death in the intro to the Bangkok "Club 27" mission. Specifically, the aftermath.
    • 47 confronting Jordan Cross in his suite. While 47's stoic nature is more often than not played for dry humor, here we see it playing off against a man pathetically begging for his life, serving as a stark reminder that you are playing as the most ruthless and dangerous assassin on the planet.
      • Jordan will also at one point claim that if he dies, his dad will seek retribution "and then you will see what sort of man he is". While it is in the context of him begging for his life, there is something in his voice that makes it come across as him genuinely warning 47 about Thomas Cross' wrath.
      • But then said dad got kidnapped after 47 has done the deed... Just who's scarier? Thomas Cross or the Shadow Client?
      • On the same note, one of Jordan's crew members will tell him that his father ordered his birthday cake. Spike it with lethal poison, and when Jordan realizes what's happened...
      Jordan: "...Dad?"
  • The Elephants Never Forget achievement. You have to shoot 18 gold elephant statuettes in Bangkok and leave the hotel. It becomes surprisingly unnerving as an elephant can be heard angrily trumpeting every time you shoot one of the statuettes, and one last deafening bellow can be heard when you walk between the two giant elephant statues near the entrance.
    • Those two statues cry blood upon completion of the achievement.
  • If the targets' plans in Marrakesh had succeeded, it would have resulted in an absolute massacre, with hundreds, possibly thousands of civilian casualties. Civilians, who just wanted justice for getting robbed by a Swedish con artist. Additionally, the fact that the soldiers would have been disguised as members of a terrorist organisation (and the Royal Moroccan Army having no idea that a false flag operation had happened) would likely have severe long-term consequences for Morocco and the region at large. The plan had the chance of escalating into something very ugly.
    • Similarly, imagine being stuck on the embassy. The people outside likely would not care about who is responsible, and attack anybody they feel like. One man can be heard talking to his son on the phone, and he is clearly terrified of the situation.
  • Ezra Berg's mask. It is a creepy, grey face with eyeholes, just like the one worn by Michael Myers.
  • The Shadow Client gets 47 dead to rights at one point with a sniper rifle. 47 has only been taken down three times before, once by Diana with a sleeping drug, and once by a Super Soldier he underestimated the strength of and by a Dirty Cop who electrified his basement floor. This is the first time he's actually completely outclassed by a fellow assassin, although it's possible that 47 is actually aware of the presence of a sniper.
  • The morgue in Situs Inversus can feel really creepy on the first visit, due to the red tint and eerie humming on the background. Not to mention how much the atmosphere in there differs from ''everything'' else in the otherwise clean, white level.
    • Additionally, you can drive a morgue worker to suicide by playing with a microchip installed in his brain. Despite the game being literally nothing than finding ways to kill people, seeing the "Non-target killed" message pop up and realizing that your puppet just offed himself can be surprisingly unsettling.
    • For the record, the morgue worker you can drive to suicide is actually an Asshole Victim who is running an illegal organ trafficking operation using the morgue as a cover, and not only is it very likely that the hospital authorizes his organ trafficking, he is also willing to cut open anyone who tries to bust the operation and add their organs to the collection, as Agent Carlton Smith can attest to. No wonder the place is so creepy.
  • Marco Abiatti's cold murder of Father Francesco in "Landslide". Unlike Jordan Cross's murder of Ken Morgan, which was done in the heat of the moment, this is portrayed as a premeditated, ruthless killing, as though it was out of The Godfather.
  • The manner which Providence treats everything under their thumbs.
    The Constant: "Miss Burnwood, we won a long time ago. This... This is just maintenance."
  • It's entirely possible to kill everyone on a level, and nothing can stop you except for losing points and requiring more effort. It's rather spooky that you're capable of it and how easy it is to basically be a slasher movie killer if one is so inclined.
  • The "Patient Zero" mission. One of your targets carries a deadly virus, and spreads it to others, who further spread it, etc. The mission requires 47 to kill all infected, no matter how innocent, and the virus spreads fast. Even players who've done several Kill 'Em All playthroughs can feel horrible, since this time, murdering innocents is canonical. There is a vaccine, but it can only be used by 47 to make himself immune to the virus. Worse yet, if the player is not fast enough, it can begin spreading faster than they can kill the infected and potentially lead to a Kill 'Em All situation.
    • Worse still is the "You Know the Number" challenge in said mission, where the mission must be cleared with at least 47 targets eliminated, on a mission where the targets will almost definitely include several well-intentioned doctors and civilians It's not only a Player Punch, but a complete beatdown.

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