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  • Acclaimed Flop: The game was a critical smash, a hit with loyal Hitman fans, a very welcome bounce-back following the divisive Hitman: Absolution... and it apparently performed so poorly that IOI was dropped by Square Enix and was left almost completely broke, to the point of being forced to lay off over a quarter of its staff simply to remain operational as it was struggling to complete the game's second "season". IOI developers directly blame the game's financial failure on was the game's episodic release format, which in they determined in hindsight was a major mistake that alienated many potential buyers, so when they found a new investor in Warner Bros. for Hitman 2, they completely ditched the format and just released all the content at once.
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  • Adored by the Network: Sapienza as a map. It gets the most play in promotional materials and got the most post-launch support in Elusive Targets and extra missions taking place on the map.
  • The Cameo:
    • Some NPCs have names inspired by forum usernames.
    • The news reporter reading about Strandberg in the post-Marrekesh cutscene is of Travis, a community manager for the game.
  • Casting Gag: The voice actor of Dino Bosco, William Mapother, was planned to replace David Bateson as 47's voice in Absolution, but the fanbase protested. His level has lots of gags and Self-Deprecation about this.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: Rocco, the guy who lives above the ICA safehouse in Sapienza, is voiced by the #1 place holder of Hitman: Sniper Challenge. The game can be seen in his apartment.
  • Dark Horse Casting: Jonny Cruz, voice of Jordan Cross in the Bangkok mission, wasn't a popular voice actor at the time of the games' release, though later averted as he's more well known for playing Lucio in Overwatch.
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  • Defictionalization: The Class was subject to some viral marketing, which included setting up a bandcamp, soundcloud and Youtube account for the fictional band. The accounts all have the full rendition of "Are We Stars" heard in the level, and also includes releasing two more songs not heard in the game; "Gun Show" and "Shine a Light".
  • Dummied Out:
    • Usually, the names of each level in the games' files follow the naming scheme of the country they represent, plus a notable aspect of the level: Paris Fashion (The Showstopper), Italy Virus (World of Tomorrow), Marracech Coup (A Gilded Cage), The rest of the locations follow a different naming scheme (Location, then animal); Bangkok Tiger (Club 27), Colorado Bull (Freedom Fighters) and Hokkaido Snowcrane (Situs Inversus).
    • There's a lot of ninja-disguise-related dialog the game never uses as the Ninja disguise turns all of the level into a hostile area. Even the later-released "Futo" suit never uses these lines, despite explicitly being based on Futo's getup from Mini Ninjas. The cut lines reference the series pretty liberally too, from people professing their love for the game, as well as making comparisons to the game and the Ninja suit (as Yamazaki does).
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    • The Caruso twins have an entire Elusive Target mission ("The Brothers") and briefing that are still found in the trilogy's files, and are in a complete state, with models, audio clips, really everything but a way to access it without modding the game. Interestingly, they both appear during "End of an Era" in Hitman 3, when 47 is looking through his ICA files.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • While in development, the game frequently suffered from this big time at the hands of Square Enix according to some people who worked there, which included the decision to break the season up as it was.
    • Surprisingly averted however in regards to IO's departure from Square Enix. IO management has in retrospect had nothing but nice things to say about how Square helped IO during their transitionary period to an independent studio.
  • Fake Nationality:
    • Fake American: The Constant, who has an American accent, is voiced by the British-born Philip Rosch.
    • Fake Brit: The Canadian Jane Perry as Diana Burnwood.
    • The woman singing Italian in "Landslide" is voiced by German singer Conny Kollett.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Giant Bomb popularized the nickname "Pitbull" for Agent 47, due to his resemblance to the musician (tall, bald, muscular, fair-skinned, sometimes wears similar sunglasses).
    • The Vampire Magician outfit is sometimes referred to as "The Dio Outfit", due to its resemblance to the infamous top hat and feathered cape look Dio wears when going on an alcoholic binge in the first arc. Combine with the knife for added hilarity.
    • The black ICA19 pistol gained the nickname "Blackballer" pretty much immediately after fans saw it.
    • After IOI upped 47's health in the June update, the nickname "Tank 47" caught on. The high health was later toned down during the combat balance updates.
    • The game is sometimes called Hitman: No Subtitle by players (originally coined by Andy Farrant of Outside Xbox fame back in 2015 when covering the games' trailer).
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The game sold in the Asia-Pacific region (except Japan) through the various Playstation Network sites after Bandai Namco terminated its venture with Square Enix to sell the game online. Averted as of 2019 when the game was sold as a gold edition under WB Games.
  • Life Imitates Art: The Patient Zero Campaign is all about 47 and Diana racing against the clock to stop a viral weapon from being released onto the world, with the final mission even allowing you to kill any infected people as a Mercy Kill condition so it never spreads outside of Hokkaido's GAMA Hospital facility. Three years later, the COVID-19 Pandemic struck the world which not only also originated from Asia, it spread all across the globe, shuttering stores, businesses, theaters and even whole town centers worldwide. As revealed in the doctors notes in the game, the entire goal of the Nabazov Virus in the game is to be dispersed in cities "for tactical usage" (Read: to affect global populations in order to bring the end of civilisation globally, something later confirmed when the Cult's bio ends up in The Isle of Sgail; a base for a Doomsday prepper community). It's surreal to think that events in a campaign from a niche stealth series has effectively becomes a reality for everyone all across the world.
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition:
    • The collector's edition comes with the game, an art book, a tie and clip set based on the one 47 wears, and a statue of 47 sitting on a chair, Silverballer in hand.
    • A "Complete First Season" box came out a year after release. In addition to the game, it also comes in a steelbook case and includes the soundtrack and making-of documentary.
    • The GOTY edition, released November 7th 2017, includes the entire first season, three new outfits and weapons, 3 new escalations required to unlock said weapons, and "Patient Zero", a new short campaign where 47 is trying to stop a virus outbreak in modified versions of Sapienza, Colorado, Bangkok and Hokkaido. It costs 60$ for new players, note  while those who already own the game can upgrade to it for $20.
  • Lying Creator: Downplayed due to the whole Square Enix thing. The devs confirmed that the briefcase would appear in the game, but in hindsight it likely was meant to be absent until Season 2. In the end, Season 2 was turned into a full sequel, meaning that the briefcase will not be part of this game.
  • Meaningful Release Date: The Linux Port was released by Feral Interactive on February 16th, 2017. For those who don't follow, February 16th was the 47th day of 2017. Agent 47 is the titular character of the game? Get it?note 
  • The Other Darrin: Jane Perry replaces Marsha Thomason as the voice of Diana.
  • Pre-Order Bonus: Pre-ordering the game got you an in-game Requiem Pack, which includes a suit inspired by Blood Money, a chrome-finished suppressed ICA-19 pistol, and white rubber duck explosive. The pack was made available for purchase separately in January 2017.
  • Recycled Script: A single man manipulating the agency to take down his opponents? Sounds familiar. It's even lampshaded by 47 note :
    Agent 47: It's happened before.
  • Similarly Named Works: The full game name is simply titled HITMAN, but it is not the first game of the franchise, that goes to Hitman: Codename 47, which is the first game of the series, and the Codename 47 subtitle is especially important to remember. Players tend to call this game "Hitman (2016)" instead, to differentiate between the two games (including this very wiki for disambiguation purposes).
  • Screwed by the Network: Despite the critical success of the game, in May 2017 Square Enix cut all business ties with IO due to the game turning out to be a financial failure. While IOI was somehow able to negotiate retaining the rights to Hitman as a newly-independent studio, their financials were in a dire state in 2017, with a serious possibility that both of them would completely dissolve. Fortunately, a chance publication deal with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment allowed IOI to continue operating and complete the second "season" of the game, releasing it as Hitman 2, which performed well enough that it gave IOI the momentum needed to bounce back while remaining independent.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The earliest announcement of the game suggested that it was to be a prequel to Hitman: Absolution, but this was later discarded and the game explicitly takes place after it. A possible remnant of this is 47's more youthful appearance in the game compared to Absolution.
    • Alpha builds of the game had briefcases around the level that 47 could use to store and carry weapons without arousing suspicion. It was cut before the first episode was released, likely because it made it too easy to sneak weapons by guards (something which the Legacy Pack in Hitman 2 proves beyond a doubt).
    • In the Beta, shooting an unsuppressed gun while out of sight caused the guards to inspect the area, and frisk 47 after the detection meter filled. If nothing was found, they would leave 47 alone and keep searching. In the released game, they will skip this step and just try to arrest him instead. It's likely that this was also cut for balancing.
    • The E3 2015 trailer showed off essentially alpha-versions of the the first few game's targets. Viktor Novikov and Claus Hugo Strandberg are largely unchanged backstory-wise, though their faces are different (Novikov bears a passing resemblance to his in-game look, Claus does not and appears to be significantly older), while Silvio Caruso appears to be a wine connoisseur, not a biolab expert. There's also the curious case of a person who chats up a girl to photograph her and seemingly kills, who many speculate to be Jordan Cross, before he was rewritten as a Jerkass Woobie musician.
    • Some early footage had Circling Stars around an unconscious NPC's head. This wasn't very well liked and it was replaced by the current "YouTube buffering" dots.
    • There will no longer be a second season, seamlessly integrated into the framework of this game alongside the currently existing content. Instead, a standalone sequel, Hitman 2 (not to be confused with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin), was announced on June 7, 2018, set to be released on November 13th. However, the devs managed to reverse the original plan; owning this game gives you free access to the legacy pack, allowing you to play this game's levels in the sequel.
    • Several promotional pieces for Season 1 indicated that originally the game was only going to release two chunks of three, with Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh in one chunk while Bangkok, Colorado and Hokkaido would be in the second batch. For undisclosed reasons, this was reverted to a more traditional episodic model of each episode released one at a time, but delays this caused were partly why the bonus Summer missions for Sapienza and Marrakesh were made.
    • Silvio Caruso's elder brothers—Orlando and Renzo Caruso—were planned to be targets in an unreleased Elusive Target titled "The Brothers" set in Marrakesh. The intended mission briefing was able to be found via moddingnote . Weirdly enough, they appear on a target list in a cutscene in Hitman 3, which indicates these are canonical targets of the ICA at least.
    • Oddly enough, all civilians and bodyguards have unique dialogue for disguises that turn the map into a hostile area.note  This suggests that these disguises were likely intended to be normal outfits at some point in the game.
    • Leaks of the Elusive Targets suggest that the targets of the Patient Zero campaign were intended to be Elusive Targets at one point. These include Lawrence Wilson (Craig Black), Mi Cha Sun ("The Operative", who became Brother Akram), Bradley Paine (originally known as "The Conditioner), and Owen Cage (originally "The Rogue").
    • The targets of the Patient Zero campaign (excluding Sister Yulduz and Klaus Liebleid) were originally elusive targets and still have their briefing videos up:
      • Bradley Paine ("The Conditioner") was a Colorado ET, a psychiatrist hired by the militia to help their soldiers overcome their moral limitations. In addition to Paine, any patients that he counsels would also have been targets.
      • Craig Black ("The Author") was a Sapienza ET. The client, his ghostwriter, also requested that his latest manuscript be retrieved to prevent it from being published.
      • Oybek Nabazov ("The Doomsayer") and his three students (Akram, Akmal and Ansar, the last of whom shares Brother Akram's model).
      • Owen Cage ("Patient Zero").


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