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Trevor is a 1994 short film directed by Peggy Rajski.

Trevor is a boy in his early teens living somewhere in suburbia in 1981. Trevor's once-normal life starts to change when puberty hits and he begins figuring out that he's different from other boys. He likes ballet, the theater, and Diana Ross songs. He's not particularly interested in girls, but he really likes hanging out with his friend Pinky, who's a jock.

Trevor realizes that he's gay. When everyone else finds out that he's gay, Trevor is ostracized. Despairing, Trevor starts contemplating suicide.

Stephen Tobolowsky plays Father Joe, the priest who gives Trevor a deeply uncomfortable talk about sexuality.



  • All Gays Love Theater: "I've decided that the theater is going to be my life." Cut to Trevor directing Pinky and some other boys in a rehearsal of Anything Goes.
  • Art Imitates Art: One of the things that Trevor the natural-born Large Ham does is recreate "The Death of Marat" in his bathtub, complete with fake blood and quill.
  • Camp Gay: Lip-syncing to Diana Ross in his bedroom, getting giddy when Fame runs on TV...
  • Coming-Out Story: Actually ends with "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Discussed Trope. Trevor and his buddy look at his buddy's sperm under a microscope.
  • Diary: Much of the film is Trevor narrating via entries in his diary.
  • Fake-Out Opening: Trevor on the front lawn, laying face down with a knife in his back. He's staging a scene; the knife is actually stuck in the ground.
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  • Gayngst: Coming out is an ordeal for Trevor.
  • Screen-to-Stage Adaptation: Trevor: The Musical debuted in 2017.
  • The Talk: Catholic priests should not give them.


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