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Night Angel is a campy horror movie released in 1990.

In The '80s, the demoness Lilith awakens from her slumber to seduce any mortals she encounters and drive them to ruin. She sets her sights on the staff of a local fashion company distributing a glamour model magazine, leaving death and mayhem in her wake.

No relation to The Night Angel Trilogy.

This film provides examples of:

  • Living Aphrodisiac: The bad girl is Lilith. After waking up from her slumber, she goes on a rampage supernaturally seducing and killing people left and right. She gets nearly the entire staff of a glam magazine to completely fawn over her (including the female editor) and one guy affected by her spell even shoves his foot through a broken glass door to get near her.
  • Offscreen Villainy: A rather narm-y Info Dump at the start boasts about the trail of misery that the demon Lilith has left in her wake, including eating babies. Luckily, she doesn't do anything like that on-screen.
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  • Snakes Are Sexy: The succubus villainess, after bewitching the staff of a glamour magazine to fawn over her, takes part in a photoshoot where she's cradling a snake while wearing make-up that makes half of her face look snake-like.
  • Vanity Is Feminine: Lilith is the villainess of this movie, a demon who goes around seducing and devouring hapless people (not just men). It seems that she can supernaturally charm literally everyone, but she specifically goes after the staff of a glamour magazine rather than something more bold like a politician. Apparently, it's pure vanity: she wants to be a cover girl so people will fawn over her.


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